D-Blog Week: Ideal Diabetes Service Animal

Well, here we are - my first post for Diabetes Blog Week to run over here at The Corner Booth.

Don't worry, I haven't been slacking. At least not completely.

Most of my D-writing these days can be found over at DiabetesMine. You can make sure to catch some of my week's earlier posts - on a Fun Petition and Memories - over there. Plus, there's a whole slew of them (to the tune of 130+ every day!) to read, too!

Since I wanted to make sure to tackle one of the topics that we won't be featuring there, my little corner booth online seemed like a great place to post it!

So, here we go...

Diabetes Wild Kingdom Wildcard

What is the ideal diabetes service animal? Think beyond the obvious and be creative in explaining why your choice is a good one. For example, maybe a seal would make a good service animal - it flaps its flippers and barks every time you get a good blood sugar reading! (Thanks to Tristan of Based on a True Story for this topic suggestion.)


OK, as a news guy, I read a lot of headlines.

As a news guy working in the diabetes world, many of those headlines are related to diabetes.

Many of those said D-headlines make my eyes gloss over, my head shake, my eyes shut and head shake as they simply aren't anything really worth reading. At least, not in the form they're presented.

"Diabetes Cure."


"Mouse Cured."

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

Sure, these are important scientific accomplishments. The researchers are probably all giddy with excitement about what they've done, and that it's being hailed as the next great thing for diabetes. The data is promising, without a doubt. And it gives us hope in that there are these people doing this kind of labwork to someday cure this condition.

But, it's hardly ever what the headlines and news stories claim them to be.

For those of us living with diabetes, these headlines and news items often fall on deaf ears because we've heard it before. Many many times. And a majority of the time, it doesn't mean anything for our daily D-Lives.
So, connecting back to the D-Blog Week prompt: My ideal diabetes service animal would be a mouse that can clear through the clutter of D-News and help me pinpoint the actual headlines and stories that may materialize into something realistic. Sooner, rather than later.
Why a mouse? Hell, why not? If they can cure a mouse of diabetes, well then these little critters can surely pinpoint the research worth noting. Right?
That's my D-Service Animal.

Of course, I wouldn't complain if I happened to come across a Juicebox Fetching Feline or Insulin Pump and Glucagon Smart Animal, either...

We can hope.


Jasmine said…
Brilliant. If you can clone him, send him my way. I get at least a couple of emails a year from friends and family eager to share the news of a cure with me :)
StephenS said…
Interesting take. Why can't you have them all? A D-managerie of awesome service animals!
FatCatAnna said…
Hey we chose the same animal -tho' my first choice was a shark - but then it went to a rat - but something happened to Ben along the way - if you get my drift.
Karen said…
Great idea, love it!! And love that you are pulling double duty and DBlogWeeking on both blogs!!
Kristin said…
Nice! Joshua's blog is my "mouse" (though he keeps mice out)...
Think you could find a mouse that can do the night shift as well? :)
Unknown said…
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