Batteries die. Reservoirs run dry.

Devices we use simply need recharging.

These devices are just like our bodies. They need energy, insulin, motivation. A boost to get back in the game of doing what they're supposed to be doing. 

What is depleted must be refilled, recharged, reconnected.

How long it takes, is up to us. We can remain in that place or step forward, immediately or down the road. The choice is ours.

But we move forward. Toward a place where the battery bar is full and the energy level is strong. Where the insulin is full and we have what's needed to do what's needed.

The hope is there, even in the abyss. Even when we're depleted.


Brenda W. said…
I really liked this post! Totally how I feel right now...I was totally depleted but am now refilling/recharging. :)
Kelly Booth said…
Very, very true Mike!
Kelly said…
Loved this too! Just what I needed to read today to move forward with Hope.
shannon said…
a perfect visual companion to your previous post. thanks for sharing them both.

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