Not Going Dark, But...

Many players in the online world are protesting the pair of Congressional proposals that target the online universe- Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA).

I'm not going dark here at The D-Corner Booth - in part because this is a diabetes blog, and I can't block out my D for a day. Blood tests and insulin-doses are ongoing, as are the thoughts in my head. So there.

But know this: I'm not a fan of censorship, and if this legislation does what critics think it will, then I'm totally against it. I'm not a lawyer, I only cover them as part of my real-person job, so I don't have any worthwhile insight about what the law says or doesn't say and how that may hold up. My experience covering legislatures and courts tells me that lawmakers typically are vague in crafting legislation and don't understand the impacts or practical realities of what they're drafting or passing into law, and the courts consistently find this when ruling on enacted laws.

So, take what you will from that.

I'll have none of this, Congress...

Now, I'm going to now refer you to a passage from a CNN story posted today about this whole web-protest to the Congressional efforts that sparked this controversy. I find these particularly insightful, personally.

SOPA's supporters -- including CNN's parent company, Time Warner, and groups such as the MPAA -- say that online piracy leads to U.S. job losses because it deprives content creators of income.

The bill's supporters dismiss accusations of censorship, saying the legislation is meant to revamp a broken system that doesn't adequately prevent criminal behavior.

But SOPA critics say the bill's backers don't understand the Internet's architecture, and therefore don't appreciate the implications of the legislation they're considering.

My thoughts based on the above notes: It doesn't matter what the law was "meant" to do or not do, the point is what's written and what it CAN be used for if someone chooses to do so down the road. The path to Hell is paved with the best intentions, as the saying goes.

Here's a couple news stories I found informative:

And if you care to protest, then here's where you go:

Power to the People, whether it's online or in person! Use your voice - we have one for a reason!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"WE DID IT!!!"

Headline One:
"SOPA and PIPA postponed indefinitely after protests"

However, it may not be over just yet:
"Protect IP, SOPA supporters vow not to give up fight."

And so, we keep watch. As good U.S. citizens must do. We won't give up the fight, either. Count on it.


Love the explanation Mike, and you're so right - can't block out our D for a day!

Also love the strips covering the meter - that was awesome!

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