Blog-Hijacking by the Cat

My fellow cat friends (the Tuxedo Cats - K.C. and Casey, with Perl's help) have found their way to their humans' blogs today. Or so I've read. So, in reading with interest their World Domination Plotting, I thought I'd follow suit and add my thoughts on a technique that's working for me. Not to mention my agreement with the previously-outlined demands for unlimited food bowl filling and no picking us up. However, flattery is perfectly fine.

As far as plotting the human demise in my household, it comes down to this diabetes. I think that's our way in. I'm sure of it. Recently, I tried to steal Michael's blood meter and insulin. Here's a surprise photo snapped of me (probably by the dog) as I sat plotting to steal the BG meter, which I noticed had some Higher readings lately - meaning my other "secret plan to spike Michael's food with sugar" has been working....

However, I dozed off into a dreamworld of Cat Utopia and got distracted by the task at hand. Despite my proximity to the meter, that blasted D-Dog Riley foiled my plot this time. Oh well. I'm here all day, and sometimes they put the dog in the cage upstairs. My time will come.

In the meantime, I'm going to continue reading what my fellow World Dominating Plotters are up to. And since I've heard banter about something called D-Feast Friday, I might as well venture down to the food bowl and see if there is actually a Frisky's Feast in there for me (if the dog hasn't eaten it...)

Happy Friday!




Too funny. I'm convinced that my cat only appears dumb...he's actually John Quincy Adams or someone reincarnated as a cat, and all that mindless staring off into the middle distance is really his meditations on personal liberty...or perhaps thinking of his next Federalist Paper. Or, he really IS just that dumb ;) But sweet!

Thanks for your comment on my blog!
Jacquie said…
I love it when kitties sit like they don't have any arms. Kitteh loaf!
Brenda W said…
Oh goodness! I really Laughed out loud at Jacquie's comment "kitteh loaf!" hehe. Why is shadow cat always up in the D-dog's grill? Oh my gosh did I just say grill? I think my brain is turning to mush!
Karen said…
Yeah, we're going to have to start keeping a closer eye on these cats. Especially if they're going to start stealing our D-Supplies!!

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