D-Feast Friday: A Summer Heat Treat

With temperatures in the 90s and heat indexes in the 100s this past week (here in Indy), it only seems appropriate that this D-Feast Friday feature something to help with the heat.

So, I give you my favorite Summer Treat!


(Not exactly the same as The Might Icecube that Kerri had higlighted recently, but of the same style of summer treat...!)

This came up during the Twitter-strong #dsma discussion on Wednesday night (If you don't already, you should really really really follow @DiabetesSocMed every Wed at 9p.m. Eastern for some great discussion!!) This post was already planned, but that mention made it even more timely! So, here we are...

Now, really, I'm not picky about carb counts on these - whether we're talking sugar-style or sugar-free. The label on the current non-Sugar Free box in the pantry reads only 6g per treat. I've had Sugar Free versions range from 1g to 4g, just depending on style. So, it's just a matter of how many you may want and how you might care to balance out any needed bolusing.

Whatever the choice, I think these help cool off during these hot summer months and they're just an all around fun little food addition, no matter the time. Random snack. Appetizer. Dessert. With No Cooking Required (just advanced freezer-stocking to ensure proper frozenness!)

Plus, they are relatively cheap (always important in these tougher financial times.) And they remind you of RAINBOWS!!!!

If this isn't your particular taste, then I'd also suggest #2 and #3 on my Summer Treat List: Popcicles/Fudgecicles. Or Light Beer, as the carb count is lowest in this style of ale. Whatever your Summer Pleasure, I hope you enjoy and are able to beat the heat!


Emilia Klapp said…
Hello Michael,

For the last 2 Wednesdays I have tried to join the conversation at Tweeter but my appointments have interfered with it. I am in Los Angeles which means I have to connect at 6.00 pm. I am going to make a point of connecting with you guys this coming wed.

Have a great day,

Emilia Klapp, RD, BS

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