My Golden Ticket (Thanks To A Pump Hiatus)

Her words hit his heart like pure joyful music.

Original Source, before adaption.
You would have thought she'd just told him the greatest news on earth.

His eyes lit up. Like a small child hearing the world-changing news that he'd get to run through a candy store with unlimited purchasing power and no parents to limit the candy intake.

This was the scene in my Endo's office during my three-month visit on Tuesday. It was like a Kid With Diabetes being given access to a Sugar Free Candy Store, just like when Charlie found the final Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka's candy-land.

For me, my Golden Ticket came in the form of an impressive A1C figure, which had dropped from 8.8% in March to 7.7% now. A not-so-impressive number, but an impressive 1.1% drop in just three months.

Heck, this was better than any Golden Ticket - this was a pathway to better D-Management paved in gold. Or something along those lines.

A smile graced not only my face, but also my heart as it jumped up and down and pumped its fists in pure excited triumph. I swear there were some Oompa Loompas hovering nearby, dancing their crazy fun magic dances just the same.

Granted, this isn't the greatest number ever. I can admit that. We all strive to be lower than 7, and as close to 6 as possible. I've been as low as 6.1% before in my first year of pumping, and hovered at that level for a while before getting complacent. But, it's a level I haven't been at in a while and to see it drop so dramatically in three months just feels great. Like an outstanding achievement.

This comes after about 2.5 months of a Pump Hiatus, where I went back to Multiple Daily Injections for the first time in nine years. Not the most exciting experience, and I'm so ready to get back to pumping. I've chronicled my journey and how I'm looking forward to getting back to my beloved Minimed Paradigm pump.

However, it's hard to argue with that 7.7 and what it proves about my control most recently. I'd hate to step away from that, even if it's just a sign that my own diligence is the reason and not necessarily the form of treatment.

So, in reflecting on this with Endo and Suzi, I've decided to extend the Hiatus through the summer months - meaning my Lantus and Humalog injections will continue through the Roche Summit in Orlando, the Fourth of July Festivities here in Indy, our Annual Michigan Camping Trip for a week in mid-July, and even through the likely busy work-month of August. We'll spend these summer months fine-tuning and tweaking for better control, and see what all can improve even more by the next visit in September.

The hour-long visit that entailed about 20 minutes with Dr. P. earlier in the week didn't just entail the news above, but we also had some great discussions overall about BG trends and made some appropriate tweaks. She's drafting my airport travel letter for the end of June, and also getting me one to send to Lilly and Joslin for the 25-year awards that I'm now more than a year overdue on. Also discussed long-term health and D-related issues, as well as some more general D-Advocacy and Outreach issues here locally and even in the online world. A productive three-month visit.

I'm excited about the coming months and everything that's coming before the next visit. Hopefully, it'll prove to be that metaphoric D-Candy Store full of sugar-free candy, tiding me over until that next visit in September when Dr. P can give me more news about even better candy in the store! I've got my Golden Ticket, but I've yet to enter the candy factory and have much to look forward to...


Cherise said…
Congrats!!! Awesome A1C. Improvement:)
Wendy said…
It's such an encouragement when you see hard work pay off. I admire your ability to go back to MDI with the right intentions!!! And look...IT WORKED!!!!!
connie said…
That's awesome!!! A great A1C, and it is something you should definately be proud of :)
Brilliant news with the A1C :D
Ooo! New look! I like it.

Congrats. Every so often, the elusive positive reinforcement that Scott spoke of earlier in the week pops its head up. It's nice to hear. Good for you.
Brenda W said…
Hey! I love the new look!

And congrats on that great drop in your A1C! You're awesome! Keep up the good work and good luck on your continued hiatus! :)
Renata said…
A drop is a drop and should be celebrated.

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