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One of my fellow D-Bloggers is Chris Stocker, an Adult Type 1 in Florida who shares with us his high and low experiences at "The Life of a Diabetic." This week, Chris has invited some of us to share pieces of our own D-Lives over at his online home. I'm honored to take part, following in the footsteps of D-Mom Lorraine (This is Caleb), Scott Johnson (Scott's Diabetes Journal), and Cherise Shockley (Diabetic_Iz_Me) who've all done guest-spots this week.

My guest post is dubbed "On The Job," and it follows a point that Cherise discussed in relation to her recent move from California to Indiana and how she went on three interviews in a day all while sharing her diabetes history with interviewers and potential employers. That got me thinking, so I shot Chris some quick thoughts on a similiar train of thought. Thanks, Chris, for welcoming all of us! It's a pleasure. I'll look forward to having you guest-post over here at the Corner Booth before long!

Looking ahead:

Stay tuned for some fun blog posts in the coming days.... Tomorrow, I'll tell you about my Endo Appoint earlier this week and some of the good news received there. But more importantly in the coming days, you'll see a series of posts that have a common theme: community. It's been a rough week with positives and negatives, and so I'll take some time to talk about some of those the Diabetes Community who have and are doing great work. For example, Cherise and I are planning for our first D-Meetup at lunchtime Friday. I'm uber-excited about this - even though it's a shorter, work-day gathering on the lunch hour! I'll recap that early next week, as well as another describing a different D-Meetup set for Thursday evening.

So, see you around!


Cara said…
Seriously, so jealous about the meet-up. I am going to have to take a trip and come up to see you and Cherise. It's not that far.... LOL
Cherise said…
Mike- I am excited to meet you too! One day we'll have to meet up on a Saturday for lunch. If I look a little crazy tomorrow please forgive me. It's 1 am and I'm still awake.
Cara- if you come to Indy...CAKE BAKING PARTY:) hehehe

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