Golden Twilight Returns

A darkened sky, dramatically choreographed with restless storms.

Our lives flash before our eyes, as quickly as the lightening strikes the horizon.

Thunder rumbles, just as troubles tremble within these daily lives.

Rain comes pouring, just as deadlines, finances, relationships, stress...

A line of storms rains down on our lives, clouding our minds and drenching our days.

Highs and Lows, Lost Time and Restless Hearts all tempt our souls away from the path.

Away from the knowledge that, the storms do move on.

The sun will shine through in their place.

Golden Twilight tickles our hearts, surging into our souls

Making us remember why we wait for beauty in this life.

Why we hold on to our faith, our love, our hope.

That no matter what storms we face, Twilight returns.

We welcome it. Cherish it. Gain the strength to weather the storms once more.


Judi said…
That is so pretty.
Cherise said…
Beautiful!!!!! Beautiful!

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