Staying Saucy in Chicago

Hey Everyone!

While I appreciate you stopping by the Corner Booth to see what's new in my D-World, you've come by at at time when I'm away from this little virtual corner based in Indianapolis. Today, I'm over at You Can Call Me Saucy with a post about when I was diagnosed with diabetes. Saucy celebrated her 3rd Diaversary (aka D-Day) recently and invited a few of us "veterans" to share our own stories with a guest post. So please, come by visit me over there! Don't forget to read the other stories she has, too.

Aside from that, I'm out attending a work conference in Chicago early this week and won't be back in full force in the Diabetes Online Community until Wednesday. But it is a busy deadline week at work, so even then there may be scattered sightings. But I'll look foward to re-connecting, as always.

In anticipation of what's to come, here's a sneak preview for what's on tap here at the D-Corner Booth in the week ahead:
- Some say Death By Diabetes is more effective in convincing people that policy change is needed. I'll offer my take on that issue and what it means for those of us advocating on various diabetes-related issuees, but also us People With Diabetes trying to avoid Death By Diabetes.
- We'll tackle one of those burning questions that we PWD confront when faced with pressing issues such as choosing insulin pumps, selecting a syringe, or finding that best infusion set.
- A JDRF support group Thursday evening on the northside of Indy is sure to bring some awesome connections in real life, but there's also a special treat I'm trying to set up with a special guest who'll be attending that meeting. The format is still To Be Determined, but I expect it's sure to be a good read - especially for those young diabetic boys and girls who may have dreams of growing up to be a "Prince" or "Princess" but fear diabetes will get in the way.... Stay tuned.
- As always, expect some Friday Fun here to help welcome the weekend. Even if it focuses on cats and dogs, I'll try to offer some humor to get us through until Monday.
As always, thanks for stopping by! Let me know you did by leaving a comment, sharing your own stories, or opening a door to another online D-Connection. With that, I leave you with some of Anchorman Ron Burgundy's parting words, which have been revised to reflect our diabetes focus here online: "Stay Saucy, D-O-C."


Anonymous said…
Heading over to read your post right now!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for visiting my blog Mike! I loved your post! Did you hear there's talk of a Diabetes Blog Week next week? I'm psyched - having topics is going to make it easy. Here's the link Thanks again!

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