The Marveling D-Universe: Intro

A ninja stands on the mountain top, peering out over the California countryside and singing songs of hope for all those who may need it.

His mad ninja skills are always sharp and he advocates for the cause. Same goes for others, who use their lives and powers for a greater good. From Boston to California, Canada to Mexico. In the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia. (Most recently, breaking news told us of a sighting in Minneapolis!)

However, there are villians out there trying to thwart those heroic plans.

Like the strategically schemeful Siah and Shadow Cats, who are bent on world domination and plot to conquer the galaxy. The Diabolical Doctor and Wicked Witch of Chicago, who spread fear and misinformation to trick the general population into believing they're the saviors. Or the Diabetes Police who appear to be nice and well-meaning but really strive to oppress and control lives.

This is the reality happening in public and behind the scenes every day in the Marveling D-Universe, where forces of good and evil constantly engage in battle. It's a never-ending Conflict of Cure v. Complication.

Of course, in this both fictional and non-fictional place, we have Heroes & Villians:

Those clear Heroes, who may fit into bigger respective Hero Groups
- Mrs. Six (who fights in the name of BSparl)
- The Lemonaide Lifers, led by Allison.
- Ninjabetic (+ sidekick Ninjabetic Jr.)
- SuperShan, who comes to the rescue with BG Meter+GlucTabs...
- D-Mom, who represents parents who are constantly waging war in the names of their children.
- Manny Marauders (via
- The DEX-Men (sometimes known as the Real-Time Guardians or Navigators)
- The One-Touchables, fighting crime against diabetics.
- The Paradigmers... They're pumped up.
- The Juvenators (a subgroup of online heroes within the JDRF)
- Crusaders for a Cure

Some straddle the line, doing what's necessary and always fighting the good fight:
- D-Pirates, who embrace thee pirate talk an' aren't fraid' to pilage ye treasures to hoist tho colors in thy name o' D. AARRRGGG, Mateys!
- D-Mob, which includes a number of folk who may get mad and raise their hands in opposition, but loyal beyond compare.
- League of Extraordinary Endos: sometimes they empower, sometimes cripple with criticism.
- The D-Ninjas: Led by Lance and Little G, these little ones sport lancet ninjastars, lancet tubing numchucks, and other Mad Ninja Skills to combat the villians but sometimes cross into gray areas.
- Siah & The World Dominating Cat Clan: bent on seizing control of the galaxy, they relish in their frisky-filled greatness and conquering all who oppose them.

The Villians:
- The D-Police, who try to convince you they're right and you're wrong on anything diabetes related.
- Diabolical Dr. Oz & The Wicked Witch of Chicago (i.e. Oprah)
- The Brotherhood of Complications, which includes key members such as Sugar-Booster, Mr. Hypo and Mrs. Hyper, KidneyKill, VisionVaporizer, HeartHurter, and Perio.

This is an ever-expanding universe made up by the Diabetes Online Community. More will join the roster. Some will fall. Alliances will be formed and sides will sometimes switch.

There is theme music - All the Diabetics by SugaSheen. Not By Choice by SuperG. The Type 1 Mom Song. YouTube Song and Tunage of all sorts to fit the mood.

Periodically, you'll be able to read the continuing D-Adventures that make up this world. There will be sub-plots within chapters. Occasionally, you may find guest-bloggers appearing to tell their own side stories outside the continuing D-Universe Saga.

You can read The Adventures of Little G. There's the soon-starting Lance Files. Endos who reduce us to tears, or inspire us to battle the D. One such adventure is that of Ninja Lance and Shadow Cat. He brandishes his purple lancet ninjastar to keep sugars in check. But finding pump tubing in a nearby room, Shadow wears it on her head in hopes of intimitading the hand-sewn ninja with mind games.

In this unfolding series, be ready for fiction to meld with reality and the daily D-Life Adventures we People With Diabetes. Analogies and random tidbits will feed the fiction, and send us into places that are both escapes and capturing the endless Cure v. Complication Conflict.

Stay tuned for more of the Continuging Marveling D-Universe here at The Diabetic's Corner Booth...


Mike Durbin said…
OMG That's AWESOME! Thanks for the shout out to Little G. Can't wait to read more.

Rock on!
Crystal said…

Great post. Love. It.
Meri said…
Love this! :) Looking forward to the next issue!
Wendy said…
That was fun :)

Seriously, my word verification is...


As is glucose it FULE, DORK!
Wendy said…

Forgive the glass of wine...let's try this again..



I votyp funny when wine is around :)
Cara said…
So...when's the graphic novel being published??? :) This is fantastic!
Anonymous said…
"Wicked Witch of Chicago" cracked me up!
Anonymous said…
I loved this post!! It made me smile :)
HVS said…
Very cool. I love D-themed comics.
Jessica Carvin said…
Your post did an excellent job of introducing the D-Universe and its potential for expanding the Marvel Universe beyond what we have seen on the big screen.
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