Never. Ever. Often. Always.

NEVER forget how much....

Your puppy loves you. Or how much love you should show each day. Just like you should never forget to test your blood sugars and take care of your diabetes.

But sometimes, it happens...

So, if you EVER forget to test or love your pup or kitten, just remember: You'll pay for it.

 With a sad, depressing look. Or a High or Low Blood Sugar.

Then, you'll have to play with puppy or test your sugars OFTEN to balance it out, using all the tools in the shed.

This will teach you to ALWAYS love your dog. To ALWAYS remember that you must take care of your diabetes. There isn't a break - that love and D-Care is always around. If you try to take a breather, there'll be more work and care needed in the end.

Of course, you may also learn another important lesson from someone who could have predicted how it all was going to turn out:

The Cat knew all along. Because the Cat is ALWAYS the smartest one in the room. No doubt.

So go on. Live, Laugh, Love as much as you need to - anywhere in between NEVER EVER and ALWAYS. Find your balance. And all will be right with the world.

That. Is. All. Happy Weekend.


Rachel said…
Is that a lab or a lab mix? My sister has had three dog - lab mixes (with German Shepherd) in her lifetime. yes, she's a dog person... though all of them were sweethearts.

but yes, at the end of the day, cats know best. ha!
Anonymous said…
Lab mix. Think she has some border collie in her, but not sure. She's about 5 now. We adopted her from local Humane Society a few years ago. The cat, meanwhile, is 7 or 8.
Wendy said… a sweet puppy :) We just added one to our family on Christmas Eve. Never knew I was a dog person ;)

But, you're right. The cat knows. I miss my kitty...sniff, sniff...

Great post...great blog! Thanks!
Anonymous said…
What a cute pup!!!
Siobhan said…
hi michael, i've just started following your blog. i see a LOT of people are posting about this, with damn good reason.

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