Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We know that Living With Diabetes brings High and Lows, and that often it seems as if we're riding a curvy rollercoaster that never ends.

That was my Tuesday. It sucked.

Woke up to 167 just before 6 a.m. Ok. That's fine. Disconnected for a shower, got dressed, went to office. By 10 a.m., I'm at 335. WTF?!?!

It seems that whenever I use the Quicksets, it doesn't connect properly and I end up going high. Went to office men's room, took off shirt (thanks, arm site) and dis-re-connected a couple times to ensure the link. Corrected. Half hour later showed 351. By noon, the correction was working - down to 191. Getting better... Ate lunch, bolused, worked. Three hours later: 97. Then, the trend that I've seen on consistent days: dropped Low by the time the afternoon was ending and commute home was near. Hit 60, which a day earlier had been 43. Was still dropping. Ate some glucose tabs, grabbed some leftovers from breakroom, and waited to be at safe driving-levels. By the time 6 p.m. came, back up to 120. Ate dinner and dosed, but went back up to 247 by 10 p.m.

With that, I'm totally tapped. Combined with overall life stresses and frustrations about running out of pump sites on my warn-torn body, I am exhausted. Just want to keep it together for rest of the week. On deadline and busy with work, plus a D-related lunch meeting on Wednesday. So this post is about my ranting about the Glucoastering Blood Sugars that ruined my day. Someone on Twitter came up with this term recently, but I honestly don't recall who it was and don't have the energy to dig up that info to credit the appropriate person. Whoever it was: You Rock in Verbage.

So, that's that. But, as the song says: "Tuesdays gone.... with the wind." So I have that going for me...

Oh... There was one great highlight to Tuesday: Ninjabetic's Birthday! The Diabetes Online Community united in wishing him a happy bacon-filled birthday, and I echo that sentiment. Hope your day was a great one, G!

Here's to a more-stable Wednesday & Beyond.


Anonymous said...

That stinks!!! I hate, hate, HATE roller-coaster blood sugars!! They leave you physically and mentally exhausted. I hope you have more stability today. Good luck with your afternoon basal rates, I hope you get them sorted out.

Oh and "glucoastering"- awesome.

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Stephine said...

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