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This post is devoted to George (a.k.a NinjaBetic, SuperG, Mr. George Loves Bacon III). He is an inspiration, as is the rest of the Diabetes Online Community that motivated me to enter this virtual universe, to once again become a Diabetes Advocate, and tighten up management of my own overall health and diabetes. In a word, G and the D-OC motivate me to be Ninja-Like in tackling the Daily Diabetes Adventures that can go from Low to High and everywhere in between. That's the 21st Century world we live in, and we're better for it.

(Warning: Next section is link-heavy... But worth it!)

Now, in honor of this NinjaBetic-inspiration that's led me to speak often about being a ninja, Suzi created a cool bean-bag like Ninja for me at Christmas 2009 (The XmasNinja). Button eyes. Felt body. Teeny Tiny Beans and Stuffing. Not only does he look cool, but he generally fights off Diabetes Dangers with cool little a Lancet NinjaStar and Lancet and Pump Tubing Numchucks. Appropriately, he's named Lance after the wonderful Lancet Tools he uses to fight diabetes. He's AWEsome! Prepares, cooks, and enjoys BACON. Plays with the dog. Magically and stealthily appears in strategic places around the house - kitchen stove, on the dining table near those tempting ham rolls and deviled eggsnear the CGM and dangerous carb treats, on Xmas Tree branches, in laundry basket (No wait, that's the Shadow Cat).... He even posed as a Ninja Gangster from Detroit and sported an eye patch and became a D-Ninja Pirate in honor of Kelly. Realizing how cool this one is and that this was all because of G, we decided to clone Lance and make new versions. Three ensued. Early in the week, we shipped Clone 1 to California. He arrived with success, complete with photo, Ninja D-Weapons, and Bacon-Flavored Toothpicks. In response, George posted a cool Vlog on Friday recognizing this surprise gift from Indiana, and the overall Diabetes Community.

Here's the video, straight from NinjaBetic's B.A.D Blog:

Thanks for the shoutout, G. We appreciate that. But more significantly, we appreciate the influence you and Everyone Else in the D-OC has had in the past two years. Ths Community has been an incredibly life-changing positive influence in my life already, something that's difficult to actually put into words. Touching on this Community are posts from Kerri at Six Until Me and Kelly (K2) at Diabetesaliciousness, which go to the heart of this as does NinjaBetic's Vlog above. I'm sure there are more on this, and I apologize for not remembering them all and mentioning. But the point is that they all illustrate why I got into this whole online experience.

Starting out as a D-Blog lurker, I became more connected and motivated to start regularly blogging about my own D-Life Adventures. To tell stories and share my experiences, as a way not only to help myself vent and be accountable, but also to motivate, inspire, educate others and hear those people's stories that can do the same for me. Maybe, to make some kind of difference in this little Corner Booth of my world. That's happening and I look forward to the Continuation of Community, with virtual knuckle-bumping ("clinking" or "pump-bumping") and possible meet-ups as timing and travel allows.

So, with all that in mind, I offer a huge Thank You to NinjaBetic, and Everyone Else. This is in honor of YOU.


Cara said…
Ninjabetic is awesome. He's one of the first bloggers I "met" after finding Kerri's blog. This community really does rock! We are like family, even though many of us have never met. We encourage each other, help each other out, and give each other a good laugh when we need it.
I just wish this community had exsisted when I was in high school and college. It would have made my life soooo much easier.
k2 said…
Great post-I love that it was Ninjacentric!
Ninjabetic is a wonderful friend to all in the DOC and he makes me laugh from my belly out loud!
I am also quite impressed with Lance Ninja and all his lan-cee weapons. And I'm blown away by his stealth culinary skills& the fact that Lance wears an eye patch from time to time- like yours truly.
I HEART Lance!
And thanks for the Diabetesalicious shoutouts-I really do appreciate them!

Michael, your a wonderful and much needed part of the Diabetes On-line Community!
Thanks for writing honest, heartfelt posts that inspire, make us laugh, and make us think.

Double *CLINKS* to you my friend - And pump bumps 2!

Kelly K
Jeanne Chutuape said…
Hi, Mike,
Just wanted to say to you and Suzi that I loved your Diabetes Ninja toy so much, I made 20 of them to send with my son to Camp Joslin for him and his cabin mates and counselors. I of course made the weapons, including a sword made from the cartridge plunger and needle cover, and a Kendo-style staff. I included a card that states "I am a Diabetes Ninja. Expert. Fighter. With cool weapons. I await your command, Sensei," in a Japanese-style font. I know they will be a HUGE hit, because I gave one to his friend and his parents found him fast asleep that night with the Diabetes Ninja tucked in his arms at a BG check. I would love to send you a picture of them, but I don't see an email address. Mine is jchutuapeat yahoodotcom. Thanks so much to your wife for this wonderful way to reach out to these kids, who do become Diabetes Ninjas at camp.

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