Birthday Blog

So here it is. Feb. 1. Another Day. Another Birthday. This time, I've reached 31.

Yep. I'm an Old Man.... Old Man Hoskins. There It Is. Yeet, I'm still alive and kicking. Triumphing.

In a month, I'll celebrate my 26th year of Living With Diabetes. And holding strong.

Relatively no D-Complications, minus a little foot-tingling and neuropathy here and there and minimal signs of retinopathy that aren't anything to stress over and seem to appear and disappear between eye-doc appointments.

No special plans, as the birthday falls on a weeknight. A Monday, of all days. A full day of work, followed by a JDRF Outreach meeting in early evening. (Stay tuned for updated JDRF-focused blog in the coming days!) Following that meeting, I will probably head home to watch the DVR-captured eps of Chuck and Heroes, catch Jon Stewart, chat it up with Suzi, and likely get to bed at a decent hour for a full busy Tuesday, followed by the same type of Wednesday. Maybe a nice Devour Downtown dinner sometime during the week, on a spare night without a meeting to attend. That's it.

Another year.... Good times. I'm happy to have them, and be able to share the good times with those I love and who are a part of my life. Here's hoping that there's many more to follow.

Happy Birthday, Me!


Crystal said…
Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Mike.....happy birthday to You!!

Hope it's a great one!
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