Remembering a legend

Please look at this video snapshot of Neal Shine's funeral mass. He is a legend in this journalism industry - we'll never forget his inspiration, kindness, and impact. Also, a link to the tribute booklet that the Free Press has published (link wasn't working directly, so here's the main page from the paper.)

Some experts of what's been said and written:

"He knew the power of the written words. Words were who he was. From the day he died, was in hospital died, calling for pen and paper so that he could write what he was feeling."

"He made a conscious effort to stop, and to look, and to see what might be needed. And instead of walking away, he did something. Many times, it was a very simple act. But how many people's lives have been changed by those simple gestures that Neal went out of his way just to be involved in."

Also, please see a post last week on my stories pertaining to this great man.


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