Diabetes chess

Cozmo has arrived. It arrived by UPS at the wife's work this morning, and she brought it home at dinnertime. Now, the chess game of learning and adjusting to a new pump begins - or does it?

Despite previous thoughts, I've not yet reached checkmate in the decision-making arena. Maybe it's the newness... But there's hesistation on my part. I'm having a tough time on this first night to embrace the excitement of a new pump and part with my long-time companion of the Minimed species. I've played with the Cozmo. Looked it over. Pushed the buttons, explored the user manuel. Held both pumps in my hand, added them to my waist and experimented with how they look and feel.

My main draw to the Cozmo is the integrated blood meter with infrared capability with computer software. The most alluring point. However, this little clip that attaches to the back limits the use of the clear, not-same colored holster. The black case makes it look identical to a cell phone, and it's more bulky on my waist than the Paradigm. My arm hits the pump at my waistline, whereas with the Paradigm it's thin enough so that doesn't happen. A drawback, I say.

I've never had any problems with Minimed- only the customer service types. But nothing but good results and feedback on Minimed. If there's one overwhelming qaum, it's how everything is proprietary and can't be mingled or shared with other systems. Not too fond of that. So, though I've received my new pump - and that's exciting in itself - I am juggling the big choice. Will I stay or go? Which hand will be tipped in favor of a particular pump, which will become (or continue as) a bionic limb that goes everywhere I do and is a key player in managing my health? Hmm.... It has me considering a comment my endo made about management recently as I told her about my wish for a new pump: "It's not the pump, it's you." So now, I go back to that and question just how much this Cozmo (or Minimed) is just a pawn in the overall diabetes management game?


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