New Pump - Part I

It's on the way.. Will get it Thursday. Just like the one to the right, except "volcano" black.
Got the news today. I'm shocked how quickly Delte (a.k.a Smith's Medical) moves. Doc sent in the paperwork yesterday afternoon, followed by my insurance form this morning, and alas - all good by Noon.
And the best part? It's FREE! Our insurance pays 90 percent, meaning we're responsible for the remaining 10 percent. However, Deltec has an upgrade program where you can trade in your old pump (whatever the bran) and receive a $500 credit. So, after all this, our 10 percent payment will be covered and leave us with another estimated $100 for future orders. Outstanding!
Pump is being sent UPS to the wife's work, so she'll be able to receive and sign for it later this week. That night, we'll be playing and exploring the new pump in all it's glory.
Amazingly, that wasn't even the best news today! Found out (well, knew it already, but confirmed and got the glory) of learning that I'd won our inner-office NCAA pool. Invested about $4 for two brackets, and walked away with $140 from my first-pick bracket. Even more outstanding!
Top it all off, it's only Tuesday. Hope more good news is on tap for this week. Will provide an update once the Cozmo and all related-equipment arrives.


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