Hello Again, Mr. Mumbles

Several years had gone by since the last time Mr. Mumbles visited our house, and quite a bit has changed. But one thing that hasn't is the fact that once again, Mr. Mumbles met Mr. Diabetes in way that wasn't too much fun.

One day after my 37th birthday, I found myself in the dental surgeon's chair getting two teeth removed.

A bridge had come loose just before Christmas, and a subsequent dentist appointment in January after the bridge was removed discovered the teeth underneath weren't salvageable. So, setting the appointment as early as possible without interfering with my actual birthday, I scheduled the extractions.

The experience itself wasn't all too bad, as I specifically asked to be put under. We got to play a fun round of "Find A Vein" until they punctured both elbow joints and my left hand, before settling on a particular visible vein on the top of my right hand. Under pretty quickly, and the teeth were extracted.

Then, the true adventure began.

That first day after is when the pain set in, and aside from looking like a pitiful chipmunk, that old chum Mr. Mumbles came to visit. Last time Mr. Mumbles came to visit was 2012 for a root canal, and before that was 2008 after a tricky root surgery under my gum.

All of this, is part diabetes and part oral hygiene over the years. I've been told my teeth and gums are particularly susceptible to decay and dental horrror, for whatever reason the Diabetes Gods saw fit for me.

Once I got home, we were already well-stocked on pudding, applesauce, yogert, Poweraid, and gel packs for hot and cold compressions. Not to mention pain pills and my 7 days of antibiotic.

Since I wasn't eating much, my sugars tended to run lower -- except that first couple days, when I was fighting off the pain and immediate surgery aftermath when I stayed in the 200s most of the time. But I made sure to keep up my food intake and dose accordingly, and when my CGM wasn't connected I tested frequently to make sure all was OK on the blood sugar front.

I had assumed by the weekend, I'd be all set and back to my regular self. But Mr. Mumbles remained for a few more days, preventing me from going to a much-anticipated Michigan DiaBuddies meetup and also a Superbowl gathering with friends. I later learned on Facebook about 30 people showed up to the D-Meetup, and there were even Blue Circle Cupcakes! Bummed totally, I am.

Next step in a couple months: getting an implant or two. The whole process is supposed to take about six months or so, and I am hoping by Fall we can get all of this finished up.

I don't like Mr. Mumbles all too much, so the fewer times we can visit is preferred.


Colleen said…
Oh, ow.
I'm happy you're getting the dental work completed.
I hate any kind of dental work but I read the whole post anyway, even after I figured out you were writing about dental work.
I don't even like reading about dental work.
Glad you're feeling better.
Stephanie said…
Thank you for the beautiful post, so needed. My grandmother died of a diabetic coma. Type II Diabetes hits close to home for me. I write about it on my blog, as well. http://stephaniehoffpauir.com/blog1/protectivediet/

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