Mumbles Returns

It seems a sequel is in the works. While not an official version of Stephen King's great horror flick "Misery," that could be a subtitle for my now-in-production production of "Mumbles Returns." You may recall this first blog exclusive story in Summer 2006. Well, here it is two years later. Hoskins is just like Hollywood.

Now, understand: This is a story of my own making. Stupid, stupid, making. Pain hasn't yet begun, but I can tell it's on the way. Just like before, a little white abcess has formed on my inside gum near the bottom of my tooth. This time unlike last, I've already had a root canal on that tooth. But because of cost and dental coverage limitations, the final cap of that canal procedure never came to find its way into my mouth. So, over the course of the past 18 months, it's been left open. Bacteria has found its way in. Decay has come to be. Now, the abcess that was on the left side of my mouth two years ago is now on the right. It's started bulging, and I can notice it. An oral surgery called an apicoectomy is needed. Basically, the oral surgeon must put my mouth under an oral microscope and cut out the infection that's grown. During this surgery, the root tip (AKA apex) is removed along with the infected tissue and then a filling is then placed to seal the end of the root. Plus, I'll need to get the crown taken care of to seal if off at long last.

This wasn't painful post-surgery the last time, though it was combined with a root canal and that didn't make things any easier. The clotting was an issue, and it wasn't a tasteful or very appetizing post-procedure period.

Let's just say: the first Mumbles was bloody, hope the sequel is far less in blood and pain. And much, much quicker to resolve. While the character of this story obviously didn't learn a lesson the first time around, maybe he will be able to use the horror of the first time to make the second go around more bearable.

I now go off to finish drinking all the beer in my fridge, as it's likely I'll be a non-drinker soon as the antibiotics are recast in my sequel. Here's to avoiding a trilogy...


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