Clarity (of the Plastic Persuasian)

A pair of new plastic holsters for my insulin pump just arrived by brown truck.

I've been wearing my MiniMed 723 Revel since March, and I took a risk and changed up my color choice for the first time in years. Going clear, instead of charcoal. Sadly, Medtronic didn't yet have one of these beloved holsters that same color so I had to stick with the old one I'd been using.

They told me the clear ones were on the way, and I've been anxiously waiting. In the meantime, my clear pump and charcoal holster have been horribly mismatched.

Until now.

Finally, the time's come. Two new holsters arrived earlier this week.

And now I'm happy. And see things much more clearly.

I'm pumping with clarity, you might say.

And they better compliment my black-to-black Dexcom G4 CGM and belt case, too.

Wait... I use the MedT pump and a Dexcom G4 CGM?! Yep, sure do. That's how I roll.

And now, I can do it with a little more clear plastic style on my waist.


Laddie said…
I will sleep better knowing you your devices and clips are better matched.....

Well, maybe not. But when you have diabetes, you learn to get excited about the small things and your post brought a smile to my face.
Scott E said…
I just noticed yesterday that they offer a holster in clear now. (Also, they say, the design is improved so it doesn't start spinning around as the rotation-piece comes loose). But several months ago, when my twin-to-yours black-holster-with-the-clear-pump started to spin, I switched to the (clear) clip, and grew to like it.

I'd never liked the clip much before because you can't remove it without actually un-clip it (with the holster, you could), but the clipped pump doesn't stick out as far from my body as the holstered pump so I grew to like it. Sadly, my clip fell apart this weekend, and though I've pieced it back together, it seems to last only a couple of days before the pin comes loose and it falls apart again. Now I wonder what kind of replacement to buy.

But enough of my story -- it's nice to see that you have a matching pump and holster.
StephenS said…
That's a fancy-schmancy holster you've got there, cowboy. Embrace the newness. Glad you like it.

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