D-Blog Week Tip: Don't Go Hacky With Diabetes Devices

So the topic for Diabetes Blog Week today is: Diabetes Life Hacks.

Um.... right.

Like this?!

It IS Blue for Diabetes, right...?! #BlueFridays

Does look like some good blood sugar-lowing exercise...

Hmm. Probably not what Karen had in mind for this topic.

And you probably don't want to go all Hacky Sack with your diabetes devices (even if you want to)...

Bolus this, you b*st+rd...!

No Dex, I TOLD you to stay in-range...!

Probably not a good idea to use an insulin pump or CGM like that, even if they do provoke and urge you to kick them sometimes... So yeah, aside from what I mentioned elsewhere today and all the other D-peeps out there sharing their own D-Life hacks, I've got nothing more on this.

Happy Blue Friday!


Mike Durbin said…
It's quite tempting to kick or throw those devices at times, isn't it? Sure is for me. Nicely done, Mike.
Scott E said…
Do yourself a favor, Mike... before you kick the pump through the uprights, remember to disconnect first! This gives new meaning to the sportscasters cliche phrases "that's gotta hurt" or "that's gonna leave a mark".

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