Rage-Bolusing Cause & Effect

Diabetes can be annoying.

This past weekend was a great example of the said annoyance.

My meter greeted me with a "Hi" reading on Sunday evening, following a full day where I'd been higher and unable to go below 250 mg/dL or so. That "Hi" message came up, and I felt like it was greeting me with a mocking, taunt-tainted laugh. I glared at my meter, wanting to throw it. But didn't, because really I knew my carb count slacking and pump set fussiness that day were the likely culprits that I could've taken care of much earlier.

Oh, well.

A post-dinner hour correction of 16 units followed that High, but it only brought me down to about 488 mg/dL a few hours later. A new pump set was in order not long after midnight. A little rage-bolusing was also on tap, and of course I decided to stay up late thanks to the higher BG symptoms and restless that comes along with them for me. Some late-night TV watching, water drinking and d-blog writing helped pass the time.

By 3 a.m., I was only down to 380 mg/dL.

I stayed up, still unable to sleep. So I tuned in to a SyFy showing of the 2009 remake My Bloody Valentine and drank some more water plus a cup of English breakfast tea. A showing of Saw followed that. And also some more D-blog reading to pass the time. The Riley Dog and I also played some rope tug.

By 4 a.m., it was at 313.

A 7-unit correction (rage bolus x 2) tempted me, and I gave in. JUST. WANTED. TO. GET BACK. TO. THE. 100s. N-O-W.

You know where this story is going, don't you...?! I'm sure you do.

Getting to 6 a.m., I dropped Low - something I knew would likely happen, thanks to the earlier rage-boluses that my pump told me to indulge in and I didn't resist. Because I just wanted those "good numbers" again.


Breakfast time had arrived, and so it was the perfect time for some apple juice and Greek yogurt.

And all was well.

Just another day of Living With Diabetes, riding the glucoaster of Highs and Lows and everything in between.


Misty said…
Hope you get rested up from that long night! Thanks for sharing :)
Redhead Living said…
We had a similar night...Emerson was high at bed time and that large bolus made her come crashing down at 4:30 a.m. Luckily, she can down some juice and get right back to sleep...not me, of course!
Brian said…
I think we all like to rage our way to the right number even when we know we will be ducked if we do. Glad you are looking at this though with a slightly bemused take. If nothing else you could enjoy the apple juice without the instant jump to 250. :-p
Anonymous said…
Its such a trial -- trying to manage this disease! but you are a champ for working so hard at it!

I also admire you for facing up to it -- flaws and all. That takes a big man.
shannon said…

glad you finally finally came down. hope you got some rest after all that, jeez.
Scott E said…
Aaah, the post-rage-bolus carb binge. A small consolation-prize for enduring all that agony the night before.

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