Forum Photo Recap

We're just back from the 2nd annual Medtronic Diabetes Advocates Forum out in Los Angeles, and there's a lot to recap. But first, I need to process everything. And sleep. Not to mention maneuver my day job. So before getting to the actual accounts of the full schedule, here's a photo recap until I can find the time.

Of course, there was plenty of coffee & Diet Coke.

One of the first slides, about MedT's Enduring Mission.

MedT's CGM unit has 400+ people working on tech for us.
Cherise listens intently to Dr. Francine Kaufman talking about taking D-Advocacy in Haiti.

Me and Lenny!!! Photo taken by Sarah (Sugabetic).
Some of the DOC, wearing blue inside MedT. Photo courtesy of Cherise.

The Cool DSMA Live Crew - Scott J, George, Cherise.

Charlie's D-Angels - Sarah (Sugabetic), Kelly Kunik, Cherise Shockley.

David Edelman, Kelly Close, Manny Hernandez working hard post-dinner.

Still half-asleep, we gathered for breakfast Saturday. Photo courtesy of Bennet.

Wait, they have Type 1 medical elevators now? 

Some of us traveled to Santa Monica Pier on Saturday to stand in the sand.

For Simon...

And of course, there were cupcakes!! And we traveled to the infamous Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. Even though it was closed down for restocking, we were able to get some snapshots of Kelly Kunik posing near the ATM as we waited in line to go inside for cupcakes.

Thank you, Medtronic, for the very great forum. Disclosure: MedT paid our way, put us up in hotels and offered food and transportation for most of the stay. They didn't ask me to write, but likely assumed the attendees would - as that's how we roll.

More to come on the discussions and conversations, piece by piece as time allows. Stay tuned!


Shannon said…
Sounds like a great (and informative!) trip!! Thanks for representing!
Anonymous said…
Looks like you had a great trip Mike! The nerve of the cupcake place being closed!
Kristin said…
Looking forward to hearing about it!

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