Praying for a Miracle

Please pray for my friends, the Schuhmacher Family, this weekend.

One of our own in the Diabetes Community needs a miracle. Ryan and Meri Schuhmacher have been married for 19 years. They have four sons, ranging in age from 8 - 16 and three of their boys have Type 1 Diabetes. Meri is a superhero D-Mom and shares her family's story on a blog, called Our Diabetic Life.

On February 26, 2012, 40-year old Ryan was taken to the emergency room for an evaluation of numbness and heaviness in his right leg. At that time, a CT scan showed 6 brain tumors and further testing revealed additional tumors in his lungs and abdomen. Meri has written about this here. 

And so, Schuhmacher Family needs our help.

Clicking on the picture below will take you to the Facebook group to keep updated on ways to love and support the family. On Sunday, March 4, we are storming the gates of heaven with prayer and fasting for Ryan, Meri, and their boys. Please join us, and take that to church and those you know.

Three of my friends, Bennet, George and Sara, have written eloquently and very powerfully on this, with additional messages of their own -and I would encourage you to visit those posts.

 They are fighting a tough battle and we so need miracle. 

Thank you.


Lora said…
They have touched the lives of so many people. Praying for their miracle.

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