Happy Birthday, to me.

This time, it's #33 (no, that's not a hashtag...)

Let me rephrase, in non-Twitter lingo: Birthday Thirty-Three.

What am I going to do?

Well, probably nothing too extravagant, by extravagance's standards. Birthdays have passed the point of really being all celebratory, especially those that fall in the middle of a week. As it happens, I've taken some vacation days at work and am currently not obligated to focus on the real job. This totally wasn't designed to coincide with my birthday, it just happened to work out that way.

Woke up to a blood sugar of 104 - which was an outstanding start. Made myself a bold and spicy blood mary - because I can. Did some writing, scanned some headlines, and took the dog for a walk. Other than that, I'm tacking some personal projects, some home tasks, and whatever else might need to happen. I have a Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana board meeting this afternoon. Not much else on tap.

Oh, but it is WEDNESDAY, so that means... A birthday edition of #dsma!!!!! Now, THAT is exciting!

So, there's that. Maybe I should have a cupcake, too!

The possibilities are endless.

Another year, another lap around the sun. Let's see what this pair of 3s brings on. Hopefully, it's just one part of a full deck.


Kelly said…
Happy Birthday Mike! Your day sounds like a great way to celebrate to me...enjoy it and that cupcake!
Joanne said…
Hope you have a happy birthday Mike!
Kelly Booth said…
Happy birthday Mike! I think you should have 3 cupcakes today to keep with the three theme!
k2 said…
Happy Birthday!
Sound like your having a great day - Continue celebrating!
Also, I'm sending cupcake vibes your way!
Kelly K
Tricia said…
Happy Birthday Mike! Don't down play 33, it was a pretty good year for me:) Enjoy your day!
Happy Birthday Mike!!!!!!!!
The DL said…
Happy Birthday!! Bloody Mary sounds like a great way to start the day :)
Anne said…
Happy Birthday Mike! Enjoy your big day!

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victoria said…
Happy happy day! I hope it continues to be fantastical! (yes, I realize that's not a real word).
Redhead Living said…
Happy Birthday!

Are you taking vacation days to avoid the chaos called the Super Bowl?

Enjoy your day!
Molly said…
Happy Birthday, Mike! Hope that you had some fun today!

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