Little Moments of the Heart

In the spirit of Heart Day that came and went on Tuesday, I decided to highlight a moment that illustrates just how awesome my Loving and Supporting Spouse truly is.

Some wrote odes to their pancreas (pancrei) or said it aloud, while others sent some wishes to fellow DOC members or special people in their lives. Many bought candy and chocolate or did dinners and special surprises that they reported about online. Not me. That’s not how I roll. Whether we shared in any of those traditional aspects really isn’t what I wanted to write about.

Wanting to include my own online tribute or story about @TypeSuzi, I decided to focus on a little moment we had in our Life With Diabetes not too long ago. These happen from time to time, but this was a first on a couple different fronts.

Being an insulin pumper and CGM-wearer, every few days presents the task of having to change out at least one of those sites or sensors and insert a new one on a different part of body real estate. I do manual insertion for all of these infusion sets, except on my arms where @TypeSuzi comes to the rescue and inserts them.
Well, we recently tried out a new site for the first time: my lower back, above my arse and just close enough to my side so I can actually turn and disconnect when needed.

@TypeSuzi was a champ and I hardly felt the needle go in and get pulled out.

Onto to the CGM sensor that found a residence on the bottom side of my right arm, @TypeSuzi worked her magic and used the self-contained Dex sensor inserter to plant it on my skin. That one pinched a tad, and she apologized – despite there being no need, as it wasn’t her fault in any way.

She also handled the full pump change, including the rewinding and priming of the new tubing and even connecting the tubing to the inserted set. Same with the CGM, pushing the buttons on the egg-shaped Dex receiver to kick the 3-hour start up period into gear.

Now, this may not be a “life-changing” special moment or one that makes the clock stop ticking, but I personally think this little moment is all the more special because it’s just a part of the routine and like so many others day in and day out. They’re like sprinkles on the cupcake, signifying many specks of awesomeness that covers our Cupcake Life. Each sprinkle is special because it’s part of the story on just how wonderful my wife is.

Oh, and it doesn’t take a Hallmark holiday or some special occasion to make these moments newsworthy and awesome. THAT is why this didn’t run on Tuesday, just like WHY you don't need a special day to say I love you and tell people why they're special.

Suz, I think you’re awesome everyday and I think that’s worth saying whenever the time is right.


Barb Wagstaff said…
So good to hear! What a wonderful woman to have in your life! She is definitely someone that parents like me, who have young men with diabetes, would like to clone for our sons.
That is so sweet Mike! I pray that my son can find a wife someday as special as Suzi.
Kate Cornell said…
This brought tears to my eyes. Everyone should be as lucky as you two are. Thanks for sharing.
Kerri. said…
I love this post. So, so sweet, Mike.
Scott S said…
Really nice. I know what it's like to have someone you really care about. She's a welcome addition to the broader community as well.
Bea said…
This almost made me cry, Mike. Life with a chronic condition is so much better when you share it with someone who cares and is not afraid to learn how to help you.

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