Farmer and the D

Are those CGM farm animals alerting farmer to a Low?!
I found myself singing this song recently, while sitting at my kitchen table:

"Lantus in the leg. Lantus in the leg. Hi-ho, the derry-o, a shot of Lantus in the leg."

Go on. Sing along. You know you want to.

Now, I can't tell you What the Fructose a dell or derry-o even are, sine I'm not a farmer and I didn't care enough to Google it. But I do know it's a catchy tune. So that's all there is to it.

(Humming to myself... Snapping my fingers to the beat.)

Now, just imagine what it'd be like if Old McDonald Had a D-Farm...


kim said…
well i'd like to thank you mike. i will have this lovely little tune floating in my head for the rest of the day! LOL!! and before you even said it, i was singing the words you wrote, outloud in my dining room as i read it!!
Scott S said…
I am speculating here (100%) but I thought it was "Hi-ho, the DAIRY-o" which might make more sense since the song is supposedly about a farmer. Then again, I am only guessing so it could be just a naive assumption on my part.
Bob P said…
A dell is a valley. It's also the brand of laptop I have on order. Not that I'm geeked out about that.
Heidi / D-Tales said…
That is SO catchy! I can't get it out of my head now! Too funny! :)
Unknown said…
I have always just blindly sung the lyrics and never gave the "derry-O" or the "dell" much thought. LOL. Nice tune.
Amy said…
I thought it was Dairy-O, too. Now you've made me want to Google it... because I just need an excuse to waste more time online today. LOL!
This is SO my life! Kindergarten tunes and D. Too funny!
Anonymous said…
Nice! New lyrics to teach the kid. :)
Just LOL'd haha. I get these tunes in my head often, no idea where they came from, or what they even may be.
Aaron said…
new lyrics, more fun :) lol
lol. I remember when i was in kindergarten. new lyrics and it's so funny :)
That is SO catchy and funny! :)
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