Please Play Nice

Our driving experiences bring us together, typically twice a day. Sometimes more.

Insulin Pump: you stay fastened on my belt-line, keeping up my insulin fix as we travel along. You occasionally get to move around and escape that plastic holster, in times of coffee-bolusing or minor comfort-adjusting. That usually lets you brandish that tubing around with reckless abandon, and that’s a concern.

Seatbelt: the law tells me that you must stop hanging around when I’m behind the wheel. That means you have to get all clickety-snuggly in that slot to secure my safety, and usually equates to sharing personal space with Said Insulin Pump.

Obviously, I’m right there with you both. The Diabetic Driver who gets stuck in the middle as you try to wrap yourselves around me with care, all in the name of simultaneous driving and blood sugar safety.
I know. Things can get confusing, when we’re all jumbled together. Especially when we’re Already Running Late.

But you two must co-exist. There’ll be no tangle-dancing or knot-attempts, OK?

We aren’t rocking in tubeless patch pump world. And no magnet attaches my butt to the seat. It is what it is, and I need you both to recognize the pitfalls we can encounter on these regular rides.

No rough-housing, like we’ve had before. The kind that’s led to mass confusion and insulin set sacrifices. We’re in this together, and that means respecting boundaries.

So please, play nice.

And I promise to do my best in getting us to where we’re going.

Thank you, kindly.


Frog's Mom said…
I've had to ask the same of my tubing and the baby's carseat. It gets hooked in the seatbelt loop when I'm carrying him from place to place. Then, I set him down, and my tubing goes with him. Not fun.
Unknown said…
Eye opener...I had no idea all of this goes on while driving!
Meagan said…
If those two don't start getting along...someone needs to be put in a corner!!! :)

Still on shots, but I can imagine how frustrating it must be. I tried on a "demo" Omnipod once and nearly ripped it off my arm just getting into my Jeep...yikes!
What are you doing in that drivers seat? Have you ever tried using a belt? They double and hold up your pants as well. (j/k)
I think I should tell Sweetpea's pod and Dex site - NO ROUGHHOUSING! Do I need to come back there and sort this out?!? :) I hope they listen!
Maybe you should tell yours, "Do I need to pull this car over right here? Because I will....!"

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