Focusing on Hope

We remember, and in your memory we focus on the future...

Those in the Diabetes Community who we've lost too early.

Most recently.

And over time.

Then, there are those shining beacons that we've lost from outside the D-World, whose lives and spirits touch us all. 

Eleanor Josaitis, co-founder of Focus: HOPE in Detroit, who was a beacon of hope for that community and died Aug. 9.

Even in loss, we go on.

"I pray for the wisdom to listen,
and the courage to act."
- Eleanor Josaitis, of Focus: HOPE in Detroit.


Scott S said…
Mike, you might wish to add her to the diabetes memorial site ( While some have criticized memorials like this, my feeling is that its appropriate to remember individuals who have contributed to the diabetes community and having a "virtual" memorial makes the tribute accessible to anyone from virtually anywhere.

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