Carby, The Great D-Pumpkin

Happy Halloween 2010!

Overall, it's been a relatively un-eventful but very relaxing and fun Halloween in the Hoskins' Hoosier Household.

We didn't dress up this year, though that's almost not even something to consider nowadays since there's no question I can compete with the cool crayon costume that I sported as a 5-year-old back in 1984, marking my first post-diagnosis Halloween. But it was great seeing all the little kids come to the doors, and it's always fun to see some of the cute outfits and see some neighbors so excited about the fun for their families. We did pass out candy, and of course, I decided to test it and enjoy some myself - just to be safe! It didn't throw my sugars off (too much). That was the end of a fun weekend with a few D-related adventures and surprises.

On Saturday, Mike Durbin from MyDiabeticHeart and his girlfriend were passing through the area and stopped by the house for a quick, impromptu D-Meetup! It was a great time, and for about an hour or so we had the chance to chat in my living room before they got back on the road for the trip back to northern Indiana. Was a great, unexpected good time!

As those two stopped by, Suzi and I were finally taking some time to carve out pumpkins picked up a couple weeks earlier from our local pumpkin-stand market. While we didn't dress up and some last-minute work items came up, we spent some time Saturday (finally) carving our pumpkins just in time for the holiday festivities! Two of our regular-sized pumpkins got the traditional faces, while one of the smaller-sized ones became: Carby, The D-Pumpkin! Yes, this was my pumpkin decorated with D-supplies that included expired infusion sets, a pump reservoir plunger, used blood test strips as the mouth with lancet dimples, and some empty test strip bottles as horns. Carby was even accessorized, with a lancet/infusion set plastic container hat and then a World Diabetes Day Blue Circle Pin on the cheek! Proud of his name, Carby not only displayed who he is but also took some time to advocate for Nov. 14 from atop the cabinet just inside the door where all candy-seeking Trick-or-Treaters could get a view!

So, that was our Halloween. In addition to the Law & Order SVU Scare-a-thon and some Charlie Brown and Garfield movie adventure mixed in, on top of the zombie action on the tube for the weekend. All around good times, once again! For Kelly over at diabetesaliciousness, a Happy 33rd dia-versary to you! Way to go!


meanderings said…
LOVE the crayon costume!
I love Carby! We may have to try that....!
the crayon costume is so lovely!
Lee Knight said…
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