Houston, we have a problem

I’d meant to have a recap today on the wonderful Teen D-Camp experience this past weekend. You know, the one previewed late last week by the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana D-mom who'd dreamed up the idea. That was the plan.

But plans have changed.

You might think that all the fellow diabetics, Ammo Cans of D-Supplies, Chili-In-Pumpkins, D-Supply Decoration of Pumpkins, Deep and Reflective Talk on Teen Topics, and talk of candy corn and cider for treating Lows has just zapped whatever energy I might have had to blog about the weekend. Or zipped, based on the Zip-Line and paintball that ensued.

Nope. That’s not the case. Rather, it’s a darned tooth ache. A darn painful one.

(And “darned” is the censored choice of my censored censoring.)

It also comes as I try to hold a makeshift-office icepack to the right side of my mouth, while juggling work duties and trying to not make eye contact with the aspirin bottle that’s already rattled in my hand a few times today.

One that got progressively worse as the weekend wore on, but that hit in full force today. A case of the Mondays? Doesn’t. Even. Describe. It. Because not only is it causing a massive headache and killing my energy level, but this tooth pain also had the nerve (yes, I realize the pun there) to interfere with my so-needed coffee drinking upon arriving at the office.

Now THAT should be criminal. (particularly when seeing Kerri's Giant Coffee Cup photo post...)

Oh, the Dental Torture.

Of course, this all follows the Dental Torture of the past month thanks to the building gum disease, one of the often-overlooked but very real D-Complications that people just don’t regularly talk about. But it’s been a grueling year for my teeth and inside mouth areas, and it doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon.

But, at least my BGs are cooperating and playing nice. So there's that. Which is a What the Fructose moment all in itself...

Anyhow, I’m off to call the dentist, and hopefully get in soon today or tomorrow. Maybe then I’ll be able to find the time and energy – of the not-painful-to-stay-awake variety – to write about camp. Rest assured that there are great photos and fun, more serious lessons, and interesting philosophical points to delve into. I'm looking forward to reflecting and writing... but until then, be well.


Cara said…
Ug. Sorry about the painful tooth. I hope you get it taken care of quickly!
Wage Slave said…
I had a similar tooth problem last summer. Fortunately for me I found a type 1 diabetic dentist!
meanderings said…
Hope you got in to see the dentist today and are now recuperating.
Feel better!

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