Buried Alive With Diabetes

So, I had a strange dream the other night.

As it turned out, this dream came at a time when my blood sugar was running High. Awaking about 3 a.m., a blood test revealed a 350 mg/dL. Trip to the bathroom. Thirsty. So, I had an orange flavor-ice and took a correction bolus. Then, I began reflecting on the nightmarish-vision that had been on my sleeping mind just a while earlier.

What if I was buried alive for an extended period of time, without an insulin pump or any insulin? Not only would it suck being buried and all the not-fun issues that go along with that, but I'd also be battling the High symptoms - thirst, urination, slugginess. Not a pleasant times.

That had been my dream. Being stuck in a coffin, with a lighter, and no insulin pump. Only on MDI (as I have been now for a few months), but unfortunately I didn't have any supplies. No water bottles or pop-cycles or push-up flavor-ice to hit the spot. Some burning foot neuropathy to go with it. NOT cool.

I blame the Sparlings for this dream. (I'm wicked excited about the much-anticipated release of Buried later this year, and it's obviously seeping into my dreams). Without that movie and Suzi's recent comment that she saw a preview while at the theater, this High-induced dream may not have happened. Oh well. I'm sure it also didn't help that an episode of Criminal Minds had been on my screen earlier that evening, with someone being bound and gagged and locked in what could have been a large coffin underground somewhere. Crazy mind games. That's what dreams are, though.

There's also the fact that Living With Diabetes in itself can sometimes seem as though we're being Buried Alive, being locked in a small place and covered with dirt and sand in a way that we just can't move or escape. That's how I've felt lately, with High Blood Sugars. But, I know there's a way out.

All of this creates the weirdness of my mind at night, of course coupled with strange movie and TV scenes and High Blood sugars. Thankfully, I had insulin handy to correct (plus a flavor-ice).Maybe, Buried will give me some sage advice on how to handle being buried alive should that ever occur.


Kaitake said…
Ha! Diabetes is one disease that definitely does NOT require mind-altering drugs to create fabulously-terribly experience! :P Gotta love those hi or lo dreams... do you get hallucinations when you go lo too?
Cara said…
Freaky. I've always had a fear of being kidnapped w/ no supplies. :P Weird, but something I've thought about. LOL
Jonah said…
No urination even with highs if you can't get any water. I remember my month or so in DKA vividly (except that life in DKA was anything but vivid) and it isn't what I'd have a nightmare about because the number one thing it is, is numbing. It was like my brain was slowed down.
Doctors have told me you can't be in DKA for a month, but my mother says that's how long she'd been smelling ketones on my breath by the time I was diagnosed, and I was very definitely in DKA at diagnosis.
Let us beware and perform actions to prevent this disease and how to combat the dibetes can be very difficult if not with...
Sherry said…
Interesting. Must be our collective DOC consciousness that has some of us thinking about what if we were somehow prevented from having access to the things required to deal with the D. My post today pertains to this as well...sort of.
Kerri. said…
LOL! I'm sorry that Buried made its way into your dreams, dude. But great post!

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