Back to the Future... July 2011

If I had a time-traveling DeLorean, my first stop could very well be Orlando, Florida in July 2011.

That's when the annual Friends for Life Conference will be happening. While I hear it's always a great time worth attending, next year is expected to be an even more special time for Adult Type 1s. That is because Jeff Hitchcock, the creator and editor of Children With Diabetes that's been holding the FFL Conference now for more than a decade years, wants to develop a conference aimed specifically at the needs of Adult Type 1s.

This is awesome news. But please, don't take my word for it. Please, leave The Diabetic's Corner Booth and travel over to Diabetes Daily where my friend and fellow D-Blogger Scott Johnson has already written about this and is garnering incredible feedback about the idea. The planning and direction is already underway, and with now less than a year to go, deadlines are quickly approaching to get this established. So if you haven't already, go take a look and let him know what you think. I've closed comments on this one in order to allow visitors here to not have to repeat the commenting over at his online home.

After reading Scott's great writing, you'll see even more why it's going to be a L-O-N-G next year planning and waiting for the FFL Conference. Sure, we can keep in touch through the blogosphere, Twitter, Facebook, email, and even in smaller D-meetup settings, but it doesn't diminish the AWEsomeNESS of having hundreds and thousands of Type 1s come together in one place. That's an irreplaceable experience, and one that might make us wish that Doc Brown could just give us a way to get Back to the Future so we wouldn't have to wait.


But alas, there's no flux capacitor that could take us up to 88-miles per hour to get to July 5-10, 2011 anytime sooner. We must wait, and help plan. Everyone can be a part of this by offering thoughts about what they might want out of the conference. Hopefully, we'll all be able to see each other there!

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