Expanded Resolutionizing

On New Year's Eve, a conversation began at a local brewpup south of Indianapolis. The key players were myself and my wife, Suzi. Others, such as the Oaken Barrel regulars and bartenders, chimed in periodically. Our focus: New Year Resolutions.

"I don't believe in them...," I began.

"But I do have one for 2010: that is to carry on what began in 2009. That's my resolution."

My statement referrenced the ninja-like diabetes care I'd really started pushing at the latter part of this year, keying in on what I should've been doing all along.

Regular testing. At least five or six a day, but often more. Results coming in most commonly below 200. Accurate carb-counting. Basal and bolus tweaking to avoid lows. Regular contact with my Endo. Continued contact and support - giving and receiving - from the Diabetic Online Community, via Twitter and Facebook and blogging.

Seemed like good enough resolution-making too me. Particularly since my checklist was already checked off, as I'd started it before Jan. 1 and simply had to continue what was already happening.

However, some other D-bloggers went out and made their own resolutions and put them out there. This inspired me, and made me realize I resolved to do more than just keep up my own D-care. I had given a Christmas gift to my parents that vowed to do more, volunteer and participate with the JDRF, and tht had to be a part of this.

Plus, thanks to Kerri at Six Until Me, I now have the Beatles song, You Say You Want a (Resolution)" in my head. Thanks, Mrs. Sparling!

So, here goes - Expanded Resolution-Writing for 2010.

- As stated above, continue the above tasks that began in 2009.
- Be a more active D-O-C member, reading more blogs and leaving more comments on those I visit.
- Obtain my 25-year Diabetes Awards from Lilly and Joslin, even though I'll be in my 26th year of Living with the D.
- Meet with Indiana's Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh, through the JDRF, to discuss legislative priorites relating to health care and diabetes.
- Take up an effort to support a non-national D-organization or effort, such as Zip The Cure or Diabetes Research Institute, or a local D-Camp that you can actually see helping people.
- Volunteer with the Indy JDRF in person and online.
- Try to once again attend the Indy Promise Gala in April.
- Meet in-person at least 3 other members of the Diabetic Online Community, in which I consider my inspiration and constant support.
- Test the other two CGMs, and decide whether I want to purchase one.
- Lower my A1C to 7.0.
- Actually fundraise and participate in the 2010 Walk for A Cure in Indianapolis.
- Make it through another year (this time turning 31 on Feb. 1) without any complications.
- Give more credit, thanks, and appreciation for everything done by my Loving Supporting Wife, Fellow Diabetic Mother, and Father Who's Supported and Lived with PWDs for So Many Years.

So, there it is. My expanded list. Hope others have their own goals, and find the ability to meet them in this New Year!


Casey said…
great resolutions! You can totally achieve these :)

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