Happy Thoughts

Seriously, too much is happening and it's all way to mind-engulfing. Deaths of diabetics. Blame. The slacking PR and Press world. Ponderings of what type of diabetes is considered "tougher" to live/learn with. Came up with a handful of blog posts to write, but somehow failed to muster the fortetude to fully write any of them. Just too much going on. I'll probably get to them before long, just not now.

My creativity is tapped. To steal and mend a classic movie quote:  "The money's gone, the brain is shot. But the liquor we still got."

Well, my sleep is gone and the brain is shot, but the good happy thoughts I still got. So that'sd what I'm going to spend some time with, before getting back on the blogging bandwagon. Tapping some happy images to guide you through this hiatus.

Hopefully they brighten your day a little as they do light up my world. I'm off to bury myself in work deadlines, deal with my plastic pancreas, and handle whatever else is out there. Just retend I've gone OTCB..... or more specifically: OFF TO COOK BACON.

Like I said, the good stuff. Happy thoughts to balance out the bad stuff in the world. Peace out. Enjoy the fun below...

Riley Dog eying Shadow Cat.
                                                                           Christmas 2009
 Crazy Days!

XMAS NINJA LANCE.T COOKING BACON (He's put down his Lancet NinjaStar and Lancet Numbchucks to cook breakfast here. But, he's always on guard.

Talk to you when I talk to you. Later.


Rachel said…
Bacon makes everything better, yes. ;)

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