Not about the Halloween candy

Every Halloween, it always strikes me as amusing how much you can find online discussing the perfect balancing act for Halloween candy-eating and diabetes management.

Personally, I grew up not caring much about the candy component of Halloween. Sure, I liked the candy and wanted some just like all kids. Of course, I was told that I couldn't have much and would have to work it in or only have a few select pieces from my bag. Now, at age 30, I don't recall being traumatized by this or that it was all that big a deal - it may have been then, I just don't know). There was one house in particular down the street that was always better than anyone else, and gave out that one full-sized candy bar rather than the bite-sized versions typically given out. Had to make a stop there. Even with that, I wasn't like Garfield trying to convince my dog Odie to go with me simply so I could get more "candy candy candy!"

Really, candy doesn't make the holiday special. It's everything else. (Though, this year, for the first that I remember in many, we didn't get a pumpkin!).

More importantly than the candy, though, I recall the fun times of the holiday. The costumes. Being with friends. The pre-season pumpkin carving, party-going, hayrides, and haunted houses. That was more exciting and memorable.

I like to think that has continued into my adulthood, particularly now that I've reached my 30s. We don't yet have children to dress up and screen candy for, but many of our friends do and we always enjoy seeing the little munchkins come to our doors dressed up. So, we have to have the candy bowl stocked and ready to go near the doorway. This year, it's overflowing with suckers (the least expensive choice at the store and one we could easily indulge any leftovers). I may put on a hat or mask myself, just for the festivities of it all. My dad, who recently had eye surgery, is going with the pirate look - I can't swing that, but credit his creativity.

Halloween is about the horror, but not the diabetes-style... We all know the D-Horror stories associated with management and complications. That's not the type I'm up for when Halloween comes around. No, I'd rather be up for the classic flick types: Garfield's Halloween Adventure, It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown; Night of the Living Dead and Return of the Living Dead and all the spawn; usually one of the Halloween movies playing throughout the night; and any other horror classics that might be showing. Gremlins could probably be added to the list to, as that's recently been a discussion topic in the Hoskins Household (we decided it could be either Christmas or Halloween).

On Friday night, we went to a work party at a great little place in downtown Franklin called The Willard, a historic hotel converted into a restaurant. They have great beer and great pizza, and it's an awesome setting to have fun with friends or co-workers. We went as Louis and Clark, a perfect costume for me as it requires no additional costuming or work - all I need to do is go as myself, wearing my glasses and work clothes with a Superman t-shirt underneath and a little Daily Planet press badge attached. Perfect.

Anyway, that's what we'll be doing on Halloween. Hope everyone has fun, candy or not!


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