A Bruised Ninja-Finger

Diabetes certainly can keep us on our toes. Every day, it presents a unique challenge in managing our health. And we can find surprises, big and small, in each day's adventures.

So is my latest... In doing a test at some point in the past week, the finger prick was a little more noticeable than it usually is. From memory of that particular test, the blood may have flowed a little more freely - but don't ask me to relay the test result, as I don't even recall what time of day this was or where the test took place. Anyhow, I didn't take much notice at the time.

Several days later, I noticed that I'd been experiencing a little pain in my right hand index finger. To the tune of feeling it during typing, and normal day activity - such as not being able to type as quickly or efficiently, and falling back to finger-clunking the keyboard. My ever-observant wife, in hearing my complaint about this nuisance, noticed that I had a bruised finger. It was discolored, she explained. We retraced what else might have happened in recent days to cause this, but narrowed it down to that defining moment of finger-pricking and determined it was a blood testing casualty. Possibly hit a nerve, or something along those lines.

I've never experienced this before, in my 25 years of diabetes management. You'd think it would be a somewhat common thing for a diabetic, but it hasn't presented itself in my life before now. Just goes to show that even Ninja Fingers can fall victim to the little delights of Daily Diabetes Care.

Anyhow, life goes on. I manage. Today, it resulted in my spending way too long in front of a mirror trying to do up the top button of my dress shirt for work. I had a legislative meeting, and was hoping to sport a new suit and matching tie - alas, I couldn't get the button done in the 10 minutes of trying, so opted to go tieless and just sport the jacket.

While I avoid that finger in testing now, this has presented a new little nuance that I've never thought about before. More of a nuisance than anything, but a lesson that any little surprise can happen when you're talking about diabetes.


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