Still pumping away

A month of using the Cozmo after trading in my long-used Minimed 512 - verdict: I'm still not convinced.

The Cozmo has some worthwhile and coveted features, don't get me wrong. But it's almost a flashback to an earlier age. Trading in the 21st Century for the early 80s, let's say. Ok fine -early 90s. But you get the point.

Blood testing is the fuel for our tight management of this disease. But my desire for that testing and management seems to have drifted off as a result of the inpractical design of the Cozmo. Engineers and sales reps, please take note.

You shouldn't have to be familiar with the pump to be able to use it. In other words, the only practicality comes from knowing it well enough to not have to glance at the pump face or buttons to be able to use it without irritation. Sitting through a movie this past weekend, several alarms kept disrupting my movie-viewing. One button has a snooze feature, while the other cancels the alert out. Not knowing which was which, and being unable to see the pump without taking all kinds of effort to unhook it from my belt (thanks to the poorly designed leather case and clip - the ONLY option you can use with the attached meter "Cozmonitor"), I had to twice deal with this before figuring out which was which.

Same goes for my daily use, which requires the gadget to be unhooked from my belt to use the meter and pump features simultaneously. Someone needs to refigure the design here.

All else is going as well as it can, I suppose. It's a good pump that has it's pros. But point is: I miss my Minimed.


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