Spring cleaning

We took to sorting through old insulin pump supplies and prepping them for donation. In the month since switching from Minimed to the Cozmo, we haven't gone through the old pump supplies to make way for the new. Seperate cardboard boxes with new and old have occupied space in the bedroom, and others remained unsifted through in a plastic storage bin under the bed. So, today was the day of inventory. It's amazing how much can accumulate over time. Found two plastic Paradigm holsters. Multiple cases. Box after box of reservoir (the push-kind and newer, non-push kind), and piles of varying blood meters. Once, I'd used the Freestyle palm pilot version that was so cool at the time... Of course, eventually, having two Palm Pilots, a cell phone, and PDA just didn't make sense. So it began collecting dust like meters of the past.

Now, the work is done. Two full boxes of supplies and a single bag of blood meter items - all neatly listed on a piece of white legal pad paper and ready to be given to a diabetic supply company. I'm curious if this is considered a tax write off, or if I need to do anything specific in donating these supplies off. Anyhow, many have played a part of my diabetic life and upbringing - especially the time since leaving Michigan for Indiana. Now, I've got a clean slate of supply gathering. Let the collecting begin again!


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