Happiness and 32 Years With Type 1 Diabetes

You know, I am very happy with my life.

We can complain all day long about This or That, but when the rubber meets the road, the undeniable fact is that I'm doing OK. I've got more to smile about than not.

Especially when it comes to diabetes.

I am 37 years old and today marks my 32nd year of living with type 1 diabetes. At least, according to my self-proclaimed diabetes anniversary day.

Oh, and it just so happens that today's also the birthday of Mr. Chuck Norris -- so that's even more awesome.

We can find so many things in life to gripe and cry about. I do quite a bit -- from insurance coverage woes, to carb counting and meter accuracy to complications and everyday stress that throws my blood sugars into a tizzy.

Yep, I'm rolling with some mild complications (retinopathy and neuropathy, among them) after my three decades of T1D. Nothing too serious, just hovering there in my world like a dark cloud that sometimes appears in the sky but most of the time isn't visible.

And I have a pretty serious post today over at DiabetesMine, about an insurance hassle that's come up relating to my CGM sensors. It has me a bit worked up, but I'm confident all will be OK. Shit happens, and when it comes to D, I am ready for that.

But on a diaversary day like today, it seems a good time to reflect on how good I've got it. Too often,  I don't spend enough time appreciating all I have. The simple moments that make me smile.

Right now, I'm focused on the little things in life that seem to almost be trivial enough to not register -- but they are, in fact, the most important aspects of what my world is at this moment in time.

It's trash day and I did my duty and collected the garbage cans around the house and compiled everything in the big can that goes out onto the carb, along with the blue recycling bin. But then I overslept, and so my wonderful wife finished the job and dragged everything out to the curb.

Yep, she's awesome.

Most of the dishes are washed, but not all of them -- because, I'm not that motivated.

Some of the laundry is clean, yet it still sits in the clean laundry basket waiting to be folded -- and it's been a few days, so it very well may end up with the unclean laundry baskets and just get tossed in the washer again.

These are the simple life truths, and last night sitting around after the Midnight Hour, I found myself appreciating them even more.

Today, this will be a normal deadline-driven workday. I'll be working at a remote office and facing a daily commute, something that I'm not accustomed to. After work hours, my wife and I will go out to a dinner together -- nothing fancy, but just enough to be special. Because, we are together. And I know 100%, that without her I would not be here to mark this 32nd diaversary.

Sitting here (last night), I think of her. I'm watching West Wing on Netflix -- because it is Election Season, and we're all wanting a president like Jeb Bartlett. But that aside, it's my appreciation and love for life and my wife that shines through. Those eyes make my heart leap with joy, and I can hear that hallmark laugh of hers and it brings a smile to my face.

Life with diabetes can be tough. But I know, all will be fine.

Tonight, there will be a toast at dinner marking this Year 32. It will likely be a Michigan microbrew or a fine Bourbon to mark the occasion, and I'm pretty sure we'll throw a dessert (maybe even a cupcake!) into the mix from there.

And while there may not be a Beta Cell Bash to mark the occasion as in years past, and I'm bummed to not be heading to this year's Diabetes UnConference in Vegas like I did last year, I know this one is just as special as all the rest. Here's to being alive -- thanks to insulin, inspiration, love, support, and the latest and greatest technology.

Can't wait to see what's next, as I move toward future diaversaries.


Rick Phillips said…
Happy diaversary Mike. I am celebrating my 42nd diaversary on June 21. I never thoguht I would make it to 30 either and I would never have made it without Sheryl. The great thing about being together is how much we have overcome in our lives both D related and otherwise. Have a great diaversary.

I referred this blog to the TUdiabetes web page for inclusion on March 7, blog page. I know several of your friends there will want to know of the diaversary.
Susan said…
Happy diaversary Mike! Lovely post and I'm sorry we won't meet your lovely wife this year. We'll miss you!
Susan said…
Happy diaversary Mike! Lovely post and I'm sorry we won't meet your lovely wife this year. We'll miss you!
Scott E said…
Mike, I have to commend you on sticking to your moral convictions. I had been tempted to jump-ship as well, but until the news broke, Medtronic was my current pump of choice, and was positioned to be my next pump of choice as well (sans-CGM). I (optimistically? naively?) believe all of the hubbub surrounding this deal will result in it being overturned before long, and that when it comes time to make a choice, I'll have the freedom to do so.

With that said, if you get sick to your stomach every time you see the logo of the spinning-torture-wheel man clipped at your hip, it's time to distance yourself. I just hope that you keep your own personal health paramount in the decision. After all, if people switch pump companies simply because of the nameplate, that just reinforces their point that the devices are interchangeable commodities - which they clearly are not.

Best of luck in your future pump decision -- I'll be following it closely with great interest.

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