Mountains + Valleys + Mittelgebirge of Diabetes

A new day begins.

All is smooth, as I coast along the waters and taking in as much of my surroundings as possible as I go about my daily business.

My waters get rocky and I make a dash to the coastline, journeying onto land and venturing toward a spot that's somewhere between a short hill and high mountain. Was that water the Atlantic Ocean or the Great Lakes, and are those Mittelgebirge of Central Europe or am I still in my beloved Midwest, seeing a small jump thanks to an afternoon energy-boosting snack of Michigan-made almonds and cheese-stuffed mushroom.

Not sure, but wherever I am and wherever I'm heading, I am ready.

Dinner takes me to China. Spicy Kung Pao beef with fried rice, an egg roll with sweet & sour sauce, and Wonton soup. Pre-bolus, with 40% now and 60% stretched out over three hours.

Enter the Chinese mountain climb, but one that only takes an hour before I start descending.... down, down, back toward sea level until I plummet too far into the Chinese Valleys below my hypo threshold.

Correct, correct, climb back up. Ever so slowly and cautiously, taking it easy and not overloading because I'm not ready for another climb.

My journey continues, as I creep upward. But all I want now: Sleep. That will go over well, after this somewhat tame Glucoaster of a day. This one was a success, part of my new D-management strategy for 2016 to hone my climbing skills up and down the slippery slopes.

Today's journey was OK.

Where will I end up tomorrow?


Anonymous said…
Love this!
Lulia Watson said…
Thank you for sharing such a great blog............

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