Just Another Morning

The little iPod-sized medical device vibrates next to me.

It's lounging on the bed just below the pillow where my head's still mostly-sleeping. Even on vibrate, I can hear it making noise.

After pretending not to hear it, I reluctantly look. Even in this sleepy state, my D-curiosity can't be fully quenched.


The 200 mg/dL line has been crossed, and I've jumped even higher.

From the several-hours overnight where I was cruising safely in the high 100s. And apparently, I'm heading toward the mid-200s. Maybe even upwards.

It's about 6:30 in the morning.

Eyes still half-closed, yet I can fumble and feel to see whether my infusion set's still connected. It is, so at least there's that. A peek at the insulin pump nearby shows I've got 38 units of insulin, so there's that, too.


"Leave me, alone."

Whatever the culprit, this isn't the time. I'm not Low and I'm not sky-high enough to care. Kinked tubing, bad infusion set or site, dawn phenom, bad insulin, mismatched basal, faulty pump or supplies... those are thoughts for a later hour.

I pull the covers over my head and push the CGM under a pillow, delving back into my dreams before I have to fully wake up and get out of bed. Give me another 30 minutes, and I'm golden.

Before my non-stop diabetes management begins again, on this new day.


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