To The Hospital Coffee Shop Woman

Dear Woman Who Served Me Coffee Twice Between the Hours of 11 p.m. and 2 a.m.
(as I was staying overnight with a loved one in a Michigan hospital):

Thank you for responding to my knock knock knock on the glass door to the coffee shop, and opening the glass door at 4:12 a.m. even though you'd closed at 4 a.m.

Thank you for not freaking out when I apologized for bothering you when closed, but that I was a type 1 diabetic who needed some juice.

Thank you for not questioning why I didn't have more than 4 glucose tabs and a protein bar with me while staying overnight...

Thanks for listening patiently as I described my plight while Low, which basically boiled down to me not wanting to risk wandering the late-night/early morning hospital wings in search of a group of vending machines that no one seemed to believe actually exist.

Thank you for letting me in to grab one of the bottles of apple juice, and refusing to accept the $2 that I offered you for the $1.69 bottle of blood sugar booster.

And as I sit here now, after consuming the entire apple juice and confident my blood sugars are within safe range, I just wanted to say thank you and share my appreciation with the online world.

Thank you for the kindness, Hospital Coffee Shop Woman. I look forward to seeing you at 6 a.m. once your doors officially open for the morning, and purchasing a steaming cup of java.


Random Diabetic Wandering the Hospital While Low


Kelly said…
Bless her heart. There truly are Angels among us!
Lora said…
That is awesome!
What a kind person - just what you needed in that situation!
Anonymous said…
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