D-Art Day 2013: Battle of the Insulin Treatments

Today is D-Art Day 2013, created by the great Lee Ann Thill and now in its fourth incarnation!

I'm very excited about the D-Art Day Giveaway featured over on DiabetesMine today, so make sure you head over there to check out the art and see how you can win that piece (while helping a local D-Camp charity)!

But on top of that giveaway and some other D-Art we'll be sharing at the 'Mine, I'm also happy to show off some of my own work that came to be on my kitchen table recently.

It reflects some of the recent struggles I've been having about insulin pumping and insulin injections. Back in November, I abandoned my insulin pump for awhile to go back to Multiple Daily Injections (MDI). I'd done this before over the past few years, and saw a noticeable different in my D-Management because of this switch up. That didn't happen this time, and I found myself wondering what the best method was for me - pumping or MDI?

Here's some D-Art that reflects this internal battle...

The BG Monitor overlooks the scene, as Prince Humalog & his Knights square off against Prince Pump Reservoir & his D-Supply Clan.

Here's a closer view at our main characters on each side:

Prince Humalog & His Knights

Prince Pump Reservoir & D-Supply Clan

I'm sure you want to know: Who won the Battle of the Insulin Treatments, waging between those with a syringe and others with an infusion set needle?

It was a draw, actually, as declared by the BG Monitor sitting atop an insulin box throne. My blood sugars have been way too high for both treatments and neither syringe nor pump have brought my numbers more into range.

I've gone back to pumping after the two-month hiatus, yet the war wages on...

So, that's my D-Art!

You can find the rest of what I've created this year on the DMine social media channels, and you can also follow along with any shared on Twitter with the tag, #DiabetesArtDay.


Sarah said…
Ha- this made me laugh- great idea!
Pearlsa said…
The battle of insulin treatment & managing diabetes.

I have been thinking about taking a pump vacation of late although I kind of know it is not that pump or injection but maybe a mini burnout.

Kelly said…
Love this art but hate that you have to have this battle!
Hope those BG's come down. This was nothing short of EPIC, dude!
StephenS said…
This is so cool and so creative. Now I'm jealous that I blew it off because I couldn't come up with anything good. Even if I did, it probably wouldn't have been THIS good.
Nice artwork, Mr. Hoskins!

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