D-Math Prepping for a Roadtrip

So, there was that trip up to Michigan to see family at Christmas that never happened.

Bad weather and the late 2012 "Snowpocalypse" that dropped a foot of snow onto Indy. Then ice. Then sickness. And then busy work schedules and travel.

Now, we're into the 2nd week of January. And finally, it's time to make the trip.

I'm excited.

Of course, diabetes will be going along with me (was there any doubt?)

And D-Math is already making the roadtrip, even before my car leaves home.

Being on a pump hiatus at the moment, I have been on multiple daily injections (MDI) since Thanksgiving. And that includes a Lantus SoloStar Pen.

My dose is divided up twice a day, with half in the morning and the remaining half just after dinner.

Enter the D-Math.

Currently, 100 units in my Lantus Pen after this morning's dose.

I take 12 units twice a day. Plus 2 primed units wasted with each dose. So, that's a total of 28 total per day.

Times five days up in Michigan.

(Mental calculation, finger counting, number scribbling, turning to Droid calculator...)

That's 140 units total. Not to mention the dozen (+2) units I'll need tonight post-dinner.

So, I guess another Lantus Pen will be needed. And since this was my last one taken from the box in the fridge, apparently my day-before will involve getting a prescription refill from my pharmacy (assuming I have a refill available, and won't need to phone my Endo).

Glad I decided to do this D-Math calculation before I hit the road and found out I didn't have enough in this current pen.

See you soon, Michigan. See you soon.


Jasmine said…
I've been back on MDI for about nine months and your post is the first moment I've remembered that I'm supposed to be priming my pens before each shot....Doh!
Sandy said…
When Vince was on pen's I could never figure out how much in the pen would get him through "X" amount of days. I resorted to taking "a bunch" of pens with us if we went away. Better safe than sorry? lol have a nice time!
Have a safe and fun trip Mike!
Unknown said…
I can't wait to get a nice deal from the car auctions adelaide and break in my new ride with a road trip!
Sam Sievier said…
It is kind of hard dealing with diabetes and wanting to go on a road trip. But I suggest you travel in a motor home so that you have all the things you need.
Abby Levey said…
I think your idea is good, Sam. But I say a hotel is the safest you can resort to when you're in this kind of state. If anything goes wrong, they could call an ambulance for you right away.
Bart Webber said…
I know how you feel, because it has been my case for the last 25 years of my existence. Every time I go on a vacation, whether a camping or a road trip, I need to make sure all my meds are with me and that I took enough prescription.
Stephen Lowell said…
That's my dad's case too. It's a good thing my mom finished her chiropractic treatment so now things are going smoothly for us every time we travel. It was complicated at first, but we manged somehow.
Carrie Smith said…
I know that it's just an adequate amount, but seeing it from the point of view of someone who isn't taking it, it feels like it could cause overdose or something. I can't imagine sticking up a lot of those for a couple of days.

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