Five Weekend Words

A friend and fellow D-Blogger had a post today about a recent Twitter-exchange that I'd missed out on. It inspired me to follow in those footsteps, with this post.

If you could customize your blood meter countdown (to replace the 5,4,3,2,1...), what would your 5 Words be?

Here are my top answers:

This Meter Will Self Destruct.
(Read: Blood Meter Nirvana = Mission Impossible)


Do you feel lucky, punk?
(Talking meter would say this in Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry voice)

Possibly, could also be exchanged with:
"Go Ahead, Make My Day."

And Finally:

Turn Around Before Zombies Attack.

Possibly to be interchangeable with:

"They're Coming For You, Barbara."

(Because Diabetes and Zombies go hand in hand.)

What would your number-replacing-words be? Feel free to copy and paste your response to Jess's post. Or just not answer here if you've already done so at Me And D.

Happy Weekend!


Judi said…
I'd pick the Dirty Harry voice and use the phrase, "Go ahead make my day!"
Suzi said…
My spouse is always right!
Sara said…
Bahahaha at Suzi!
Love them all! Hmmm, time to think of my own. :D

BTW, LOVE Suzi's choice.
Unknown said…
Straight from the horse's a spade a spade!
Alexis said…
Haha. Love the Clint Eastwood.

Meagan said…
LOVED these Mike! Very funny. I just woke up and my brain isn't yet fully cooperative so I don't have one. Thanks for the laugh!!!! :)
Melissa said…
I hadn't thought of changing the countdown on my daughters meter but I think the results should be followed by an encouraging message. The message should change according to the BGL.
shannon said…
ahah, love them all, especially the talking meters with clint eastwood's voice!

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