State of the Diabetes Union

Our nation's president gave the annual State of the Union Address on Tuesday night.

Lots of politics, followed by many pundants analyzing what was said and what it all means. While I'm a politico newshound myself, I decided to deviate from those points and focus instead on the politics of my own D-Life.

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It's the State of the Diabetes Union, if you will.

As the president spoke and then the reaction responses appeared on the TV, I was drinking a cup of tea in order to combat a common cold. Listening to Michele Bachmann speak as the Tea Party representative made me instantly regret this beverage choice. Listening to the political responses and reactions, it also made me ponder how difficult Diabetes Advocacy to new Congress members on Capitol Hill in March might actually be, when I disagree with so many of these people's stances (more on that later).

But putting real politics aside, I turned to the Diabetes Online Community and interjected a little humor into the evening's events via Twitter:

Me: "My Blood Sugars aren't being bipartisan. They are being the conservative BG Party of No. I blame the Tea Party, and the liberal Cupcake-Eating DOC."

Mike Durbin who is also a Hoosier, proclaimed proudly that he's a member of the "Bacon Cupcake Craving Party. Another third party, it seems.

I asked: "Do you allow for split-ticket voting in your party, or is it straight-party balloting? The result could create glucoastering..."

Mike responded, "You can vote which ever way is best for you. As long as you don't vote to do away with Bacon Cupcakes."

Being fiscally responsible and knowing the budget needs attention, I responsed: "Well, we do need to cut carbs and reduce boluses. Stop relying on govt insulin. Support the Free Market, baby."

Mike made a very good point, that Bacon Cupcakes are special and should be exempt from cuts. But earmarks are earmarks. So using insurance company logic derived directly from the BG Party of No playbook, I'd have to deny the cupcake claim and review it further during an appeal process. Maybe even form a budget-carb committee to explore this further, getting detailed information such as Letters of Medical Necessity and Half-Assed FDA Nutrional Label Info.

Overall, it's been a productive year. Lots of applause, some disagreement, and much progress on the diabetes front.

Though I didn't meet my campaign promise of hitting an A1c of 7.0 by the time the past year ended, I managed to reduce it by more than a whole % point - 8.8 at the start of the year to a 7.5% in mid-December. Wonderful progress, I'd say. My Lancets are still flooding the unemployment line, but my blood strips are gainfully employed 8-10 times a day and dutifully recording their time worked via Minimed Carelink. Less IRS paperwork and more efficiency, you see.

The Diabetes Online Community by a sweeping super-majority of support gave me incredible Health Care Reform. Oh, and I think our U.S. Congress did a little something about those pesky pre-existing clauses, too. The DOC is one of my top campaign contributers and contributing more each day, on top of the invaluably wonderful greatness of my Loving and Supportive Spouse, my Type 1 Mom and Type 3 Dad, and so many others. Including the many Facebook Friends plus Blogger and Twitter Followers.

The work done isn't without its critics. Endocrinologist Pundits, D-Police, and the Generally Unaware Public are always presenting a challenge and voicing their thoughts on anything we put out there. We try to legislate our D-Lives, but those Endos try to amend what we do and toss in their own "better" ideas. It's tough to keep track of where we stand, because our numbers go up and down like a CGM every test - and the message might hinge on what station (or blood meter) we're using. Who knows what's accurate or not?

Regardless of the urgency, they scream like a sleep-stealing CGM who thinks the sky is falling with every new number we register. After a while, we have to stop listening but just want for those big issue trends.

The future's looking bright, just in part because President Obama talked about connecting more people online and I like what that could mean for expanding the Diabetes Online Community even more into those largely untapped, rural areas. And he wants to encourage innovation and awesomeness, which I think is just a flat-out invitation for more #BluntLancet creativity and merchandise-selling in the coming year!

So there you go. My own personal State of the Diabetes Union for where we've been, where we are now, and we're we're going.

Now, my goal for the future is clear: Reach those Independent BG votes in order to bring my A1c poll numbers down even more, so that by the time we reach the monumental 2012 D-Season we will have accomplished that "Hope and Change," and be able to chant, "Yes, We Can - and DID."


Karen said…
Cute post. I vote with Mike Durbin - no budgeting or cuts on CUPCAKES!!!
Kate said…
Love it! While I do identify with the Cupcake-Eating party, I have a firm No-Buttercream stance that I will not bend on. ..
Meri said…
Alas, our lancets are also crowding the unemployment lines. I'm going to have to work on that one! I always have a job opening for insulin though!
FP said…
Haha, this is great! Definitely no cuts on cupcakes.
Sarah said…
Love. This. Post. No cuts on cupcakes, bacon or otherwise, except for the icky Starbucks red velvet ones (cc @txtingmypancreas). Sometimes we all do need a little insulin stimulus package, too. I'm trying to bump up the employment rate of those darn lancets, but alas, we may need an incentive program for that one.
Nerdy April said…
Wow. What an incredibly witty post. I love it. And even though I rarely venture into politics...I vote cupcakes with tea party!
HVS said…
politics aside, I love this post! Plenty of cupcakes for all!:-)

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