Pump Tubing Perils of a D-Blogger

Yes, I'm a diabetes blogger.

Yes, I wear an insulin pump - the kind with tubing.

Yes, I'm one of those "old schoolers" (from the 90s) who doesn't care for the laptop touchpads and instead prefers a real live mouse, via USB.

Yes, this does periodically present a peril. The tangled-type, of course:

Gotta love those Stewie sleepy pants sported on my day off!

That's what happened on a recent weekend while trying to hash out some blogs with laptop on my lap and the mouse nearby. All turned out OK, after a little untangling.

No sets pulled out. This time.

That's just the way it is. Another moment in the Day in the Life of a Type 1 diabetic.

Who happens to blog.


Jonah said…
And you reached for a camera at that moment- what a true blue blogger you are!
Renata said…
I was thinking the same thing as Jonah. Haha..it does look like you got yourself into a mess!
Unknown said…
Yep...I am with Jonah - You my friend are a HARD CORE BLOGGER!
Meri said…
We appreciate you taking on the perils of the day to bring us your blog Michael! You are valiant in your efforts!!

(PS All those knots I have to undo from the boys tubing...who the heck do they do that? Incredible!
Anonymous said…


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