Musings of a fruit salad

Though I try to refrain from doing this, the need to recycle an old seldom-read post is too great to pass up. A hectic week of work deadlines and time passing too quickly have combined to bring me to this hour, without a suitable D-Topic to write about anew. So, I give you one that originally ran in early 2007 in my early days of blogging here. With that, hope you enjoy this Blast from the Past!
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A fellow D-blogger Ryan Bruner recently noted how we are often inspired at the oddest moments in life, and how we can realize someone's incredible nature at the most inopportune times. He shared a story about his wife. So here, I thought I'd take a moment to share one of mine.

This story illustrates some aspects of my wife's personality that I find the most inspiring, life-changing, and all around refreshing in comparison to my own. Her creativity, inspiring ability to take care of others (well, me of course), and just simplistic sense of what's happening around her. Not to mention her ability to make me relax and have a laugh when stressed out.

So there we are lying in bed recently during the early morning hours - in the 3 a.m. realm to be exact. I'd just returned from my latest round of middle-of-the-night blood testing, which has been a week-long ritual to help get nighttime basal rates under better control. Anyhow, my sugar was low at that point in the night, low enough to need a boost. So, I resorted to an apple juicebox and some grape-flavored glucose tabs. This stressed me out, and I wasn't a happy camper at this point.

Climbing back into bed and slipping under the covers, I updated Suzi on the BG reading and my sugar intake, giving her a kiss in return for helping me remember to wake up and tend to the test in the first place. Sensing the fruit-flavored breath, she made a comment that I my breath smelled like a fruit salad.

Yes, an apple and grape fruit salad.

How creative, I thought. We shared a laugh, still half-asleep. This came - as you may recall reading in a previous blog - a previous observation this week, when I'd punctured a juicebox with a knife during a low and subsequently made it "pee" into a glass. Nothing like late-night, low bloodsugar creativity to inspire. Musings of a fruit salad - that's what it was.

I am grateful that Suzi reminds me of that day in and out, all the while keeping on me to maintain blood testing, carb counting, good health all around. She makes me a better person, and is as the cliche says: "My better half." That's all we can ask for.


Becca said…
I'm a lurker coming out of the shadows for the first time -> What a fun blog post showing your wife's sense of humor! Better to have that musing from a Low than smelling like a fruity salad after a High!

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