Indy Adult D-Community

This page is for all of those adults with diabetes in the Indianapolis area.

We have about 100 people in our Adult D-Community who are signed up on an email list, and some of those are part of the 70-person private Facebook group that keeps in touch more regularly. So roughly, we have about 100 people connected, with even more who are probably hearing about the D-community network but haven't reached out.

(Note: Saw this awesome "You are Not Alone!" D-Community image on TuDiabetes and the Diabetes Hands Foundation, and thought it was spot on for what we're trying to do in connecting the local Indy D-Community. So, thanks to our DHF and the very artistic Mr. Mike Lawson for helping us spread that message here in Indy!)

Our D-meetups are all informal and not affiliated with any specific organization or company. This is just a group of people with diabetes (PWDs) who live in or around Central Indiana, and want to keep in touch from time to time.

No, we're not a "support group" as you might have traditionally heard. This is the epitome of what we're not -- you won't find us sitting around tables in a clinic or conference room getting a pitch about minding blood sugars, diabetes research or anything else. This is about us.

While this started out as a JDRF Adult Type 1 Outreach group in 2010, it eventually spun off from the JDRF and became simply a peer-support and social networking all about building and strengthening our local Indiana Diabetes Community.

My hope: to bridge the gaps we have. To connect the dots between the ADA, JDRF, Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana (DYFI), and any doctors, educators or companies that are all trying to compete for our time and energy. It's about all of us, together as a community.

Every once in a while, we get together for D-Meetups -- informal, casual gatherings without any Beta Cell Bash meetup. We've also met-up at on World Diabetes Day to support diabetes awareness and community connections worldwide. In particular, it's important to recognize the awesome advocacy of a fellow Type 1 Cherise Shockley, who lives on Indy's northside and is the founder/creator of the Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation (DCAF) that holds the weekly Twitter-chats using hashtag #dsma.

There's no commitment to show up at any of these D-meetups, and those who do -- we often chat about diabetes, but we don't have to. That's the beauty. The peer support is there if and when needed.

Starting in 2013, our group began a D-Calendar for the events that might be of interest for the Adult Type 1 community. Each organization has their own calendar, but there wasn't one that reached beyond the organizational boundaries and just spoke to, well, all of us. So now, that's below and I send it out to the group twice a year. It's also posted on our FB group, and is also available as a Google Doc.

Soon, we will also have an Endo and CDE list for those searching for a new health care professional in this Central Indiana area. And eventually, the hope is to hold some "events" that bring more of us together without being beholden to any fundraising or organizational support.

The message: Community. You Are Not Alone.

  Events Close To Home - 2015

     Friday, Jan. 2, 2015: BrewsLine Tour: 6-10p. $35 cost, fundraiser for DYFI. You can find more information about the BrewsLine here, but it's a Hamilton County bus tour that takes a small group around to 3-4 local breweries and also talks the craft beer world in Indy. Of that total cost, $17 will go toward supporting the DYFI and helping kids with diabetes get to D-camp. Here's how you reserve tickets for either Friday or Saturday night (I'll be on the Friday night tour):

Saturday, Jan. 24 - Tentative Adult D-Meetup. Details TBD... Watch the Indy Adult D-Community Facebook group for more. 

Saturday, Feb. 7 - JDRF YLC Bar Olympics: 12-5p in Broad Ripple. $35 cost as fundraising for JDRF. More information: 

Friday, Feb. 13-15 - World of Wheels Pinstriping: Fundraiser and charity auction for DYFI. At the State Fairgrounds in Indy.

Wednesday, March 4 - Statehouse Advocacy Day: ADA Indiana chapter is planning an Advocacy Day at the Indiana Statehouse. More details to come soon.

Saturday, March 7 -  JDRF Indiana TypeOne Conference: 9a-3p. Free. Ritz Charles, 12156 N. Meridian, Carmel. Research updates, and JDRF Board member and D-Dad Doug Lowenstein is guest speaker (his daughter Emma dx'd at age 14 in 2001). More info:

Saturday, March 7 - Beta Cell Bash: Rolling Stones Theme. $15 in advance. Held a Radio Radio and the New Day Meadery in Fountain Square. An annual music fundraising event for the JDRF and Indiana Cure Chasers Ride Team, created by fellow type 1 Michael Schwab. More info:

Saturday, March 14 - Ladies Luncheon: Fundraising charity auction for DYFI. 
Saturday, April 11 - Adult D-Meetup, 10a-12p(ish): Panera Bread at Clearwater Springs Shopping Center, 5025 E 82nd St #2500, in Castleton. A casual get-together where we can connect with some fellow D-friends over coffee, breakfast/lunch, etc. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, April 25 – JDRF Promise Gala: 6-10p. JW Marriott in Indy. Cost: $250/ticket(!). Annual fundraising gala for this T1D org. This year's theme = "Tires and Tuxes for T1D." More info:

Saturday, April 25 – YLC Fire & Ice Party: 9p-1am, at same location as JDRF Promise Gala. This is basically an after-party for the adults. Tickets $60-65, or more expensive closer to the event and $85 day of. More info:

Saturday, May 2 - DYFI Gong Show. In Greenwood. Fun fundraising activity with games, music, prizes and food.

Saturday/Sun, May 16-17 - DYFI Family Camp Weekend: Visit camp for first time, and spend the night to get a glimpse at what a full D-camp experience will be like! 5050 East 211th St, Noblesville, IN 46060-9212. Phone 317-877-1426.

Saturday, Sept. 19 - ADA Indiana Step Out Walk... More info: 

Saturday, Sept, 19 - Adult D-Meetup: Date and details TBD... Contact Aaron Walton for more information.

Saturday, November 14 -- World Diabetes Day!
  • Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana Gala: Saturday, Nov. 14 - Planning stages, TBD.
  • WDD Adult D-Meetup: Being planned by Cherise Shockley and Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation (DCAF). Small organized event that might last 2-3 hours on a Saturday afternoon, possibly a wine & canvas, bowling, rock climbing, etc.

Know of anyone else with diabetes here in Central Indiana? Have an endocrinologist or diabetes educator who might be trying to connect more of us together for peer-to-peer support? Please help spread the word!

You can be a part of this, too! Join the Indy Adult D-Community Facebook group. You can also leave a comment here to let me know you're interested in being a part of this Indy-area D-Community network.


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